YMMV / Red Dead Revolver

  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: Ladies and gentlemen, Red will now take a break from bounty hunting to massacre an army of midget circus clowns with a Gatling gun...mix it up a little.
  • Complete Monster: Before he became the Governor, Griffon was the partner of gold miner Nate Harlow, the father of Red Harlow. After an encounter with General Diego, Griffon doesn't hesitate in selling out Nate and his family for Nate's half of the gold and his own life, getting Nate and his wife killed. As Governor, Griffon and Diego are running an illegal gold mine using slave labor and when an American soldier tries to report this to the Governor, Griffon not only admits that he's in on it, but he has the soldier kept prisoner. He also tries to buy Annie Stooke's ranch and when intimidation doesn't work, he simply sends his men to burn her farm down and kill her. Later at the Battle Royal, Griffon recognises Red and attempts to have him killed. When confronted at the end, Griffon says he regrets not being there when the Harlow's where killed, so he can make sure Red joined him and attempts to take this "second chance" to gun him down.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The soundtrack is exceptionally good. Especially the main theme, the music from the 'Hell Pass' and 'Ugly Streetfight' levels, and the brassy theme from the end of 'Range War'.
    • "I hear stories of men waking up dead."
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: Mr. Kelley, "the sharpest shooter - and dresser - in the territory!"
  • Game Breaker: Jack Swift's deadeye special combined with pistols akimbo becomes this in multiplayer mode.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Most of them in multiplayer, thanks to the single-player mechanics not accounting for all the possible eventualities.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Besides Red, all of the different playable characters are only usable for one level.
  • That One Boss: Mr. Kelly.
  • That One Level: The flashback mission where you play as General Diego has caused many a player to throw the controller across the room in frustration.