Funny / Red Dead Revolver

  • As Red mounts a furious assault on General Diego's train, he meets "Blind" Willy Wilson, who seems unfazed by all that is going on:
    Blind Willy Wilson: Howdy stranger. Sure is a lot of traffic on this here line today. I'm just riding into town to get this here gun polished. How about you?
  • Most of Jack's Bond One-Liner s
  • One level has you sneaking around as Shadow Wolf. This little snippet of Enemy Chatter is downright hilarious:
    Mook 1: I just keep hearing stories about men waking up dead.
    Mook 2: Ha ha ha! "Waking up dead." You are a fool.
  • Multiplayer character Cooper is a man who jumped into a barrel during a gunfight and has never gotten out of it. He uses it as armour.
    Cooper: Ain't you seen a man in a barrel before?