YMMV / Princess Maker

  • Awesome Moments: A meta-example: following a sordid history of Troubled Production, Princess Maker 2 finally received an official English release in September of 2016. Not only was the release of the updated Refine version, but the game was released a week ahead of its original October date due to the anticipation buzzing around its finally coming overseas! Afterwards, the original Princess Maker and Princess Maker 3 would go on to be released, giving fans a chance to play through a good chunk of the series.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Cube from PM2 proved to be so popular that he appears in the Anime, and Games 4 and 5. And, ironically, in the latest Slavemaker game.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Based on many of the portraits that go with the darker endings.
  • Esoteric Happy Ending: Inverted: the Princess of Darkness ending is regarding as terrible stats-wise and the Gods will seriously scold the player... but the fandom considers it as a good ending story-wise since the Daughter achieved it by killing Lucifon with her own hands and ended up getting lots of power in return.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Has a strong Korean fanbase. In fact, the newest game in the series, Princess Maker for Kakao, was Korean-made and didn't come to Japan until three years later!
  • Heartwarming Moments: Many of the endings. Special mention for the PM2 one where the girl marries Cube.
    • In Princess Maker 5, if you have a good bond with your daughter she will talk about her parent at school and give you flowers on Mother's Day/Father's Day.
  • Hollywood Pudgy: The daughter cannot wear the more fancy dresses when she is 'overweight'. In PM4, she counts as overweight when she weighs 50 kg, regardless of what age she is at.
  • Narm: As a result of some games being translated... imperfectly.
  • Narm Charm: The original SoftEgg translation of 2 is often seen as a lot more amusing than Refine, with gems like Wendy's obsession with "Magician Girls!" that are less funny in the more faithful retranslation.
  • Sequel Displacement: If it wasn't for the obvious "2" in the title of the second game, most people wouldn't know the original Princess Maker even exists. Princess Maker 2 is, in fact, the one that almost everyone thinks of when they think of the series (hence the reason it's the page pic for the main page), although this is admittedly largely because it was the only one to ever get an English language release until Princess Maker Refine 1 came out in 2017 (and the Refine version of Princess Maker 2 was still released in English first).
  • Tear Jerker: Thanks to Video Game Caring Potential, the 18th year. The player gets attached to the daughter, and then he or she is sad, either because he/she's wistful that they'll have to leave her behind, or they're happy for how she's turned out, or sad for her...
    • On the other hand, if ther player allows the daughter to succumb to illness and die, they will get chewed out by her patron deity, and if the player has any kind of soul, they'll feel as though they'll deserved it.