Funny / Princess Maker

  • Emily singing Karaoke in Princess Maker 5.
  • The daughter throwing beans at Cube during Setsubun in PM 5.
  • The second game's Bondage Queen ending comes off as weirdly hilarious at times in the original version. Specially the last line...
    Daughter: [using the "surprised" sprite] "I love a good slave, do you?"
  • This player gets the second game's quite bad Mistress ending... but somehow, the patron deity both pities her for working as someone's mistress and praises the player for their "parenting skills". In their own words:
    "That is nuts. I got the full potential ending with the Deity's appraisal, but then when it came to what my virtual daughter became in life, she felt sorry for her. Even more, I am still a good parent even though she became a Mistress. Hilarious."