YMMV: Perfect World

  • Anticlimax Boss: There's a certain level 100 boss you're expected to fight solo when you're level 30. Don't be afraid: he dies quickly and, in fact, doesn't attack at all. The only danger is his tendency to flee into a crowd of aggressive mobs...
    • To clarify on this, the boss is also completely immune to magic in all forms, which scares ignorant newbie spellcasters. Fortunately, this boss actually dies in a few punches even from the weakest spellcaster. As mentioned above, he DOES live near a dungeon entrance full of elite mobs 50-60 levels higher than the average monster in the area...
  • Fridge Logic: When you kill a flying mob, its drops defy gravity. The default elf wings drain mana, but ones you can get later that are obviously made of spirit energy don't. On the subject of flying mounts, why can't you use one of the Human-specific giant flying swords to completely own everything? And how do elves change their wings?note 
    • Why do all the female characters fight in stiletto heels? Don't those heels dig into the grass when they run— and aren't their feet and ankles sore?
      • Why do all of the townspeople spend their lives standing in one place outside their houses, even at night? Do the children never get put to bed?
      • How come nobody ever dies for real? Is this the evil secret of the war— that the heroes and the wraiths are locked in perpetual battle, neither side ever winning or losing anything, neither side ever giving up— and that we will continue to fight the same war for all eternity?
  • Goddamned Boss: For Wizards and Psychics, the aforementioned level 100 enemy Kun Kun is this. While most classes have no problem killing him (meleers have little problems, for obvious reasons; Venomancers can simply sic their pets on him; Clerics can use Plume Shot and fly out of the way of the stronger enemies), Kun Kun is 100% resistant to spells. This means that the unlucky Wizard or Psychic must now physically smack Kun Kun, doing about 3 to 4 damage per hit. And since he runs so much... Of course, Wizards can just patiently wait until they get their level 59 skills and oneshot the damn thing with a rain of flaming blades note . On the other hand, Psychics are totally screwed, especially since their Weapon of Choice has lower basic physical attack than the tools Wizards usually use.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The Archosaur theme. It's the choir that does it.
  • Uncanny Valley: When customizing your character, try setting "eye openness" to max and eye size to minimum. The eyes look like they will fall out at any second.