YMMV / Perfect World

  • Anti-Climax Boss: There's a certain level 100 boss you're expected to fight solo when you're level 30. Don't be afraid: he dies quickly and, in fact, doesn't attack at all. The only danger is his tendency to flee into a crowd of aggressive mobs...
    • To clarify on this, the boss is also completely immune to magic in all forms, which scares ignorant newbie spellcasters. Fortunately, this boss actually dies in a few punches even from the weakest spellcaster. As mentioned above, he DOES live near a dungeon entrance full of elite mobs 50-60 levels higher than the average monster in the area...
  • Awesome Music: The Archosaur theme. It's the choir that does it.
  • Goddamned Boss: For Wizards and Psychics, the aforementioned level 100 enemy Kun Kun is this. While most classes have no problem killing him (meleers have little problems, for obvious reasons; Venomancers can simply sic their pets on him; Clerics can use Plume Shot and fly out of the way of the stronger enemies), Kun Kun is 100% resistant to spells. This means that the unlucky Wizard or Psychic must now physically smack Kun Kun, doing about 3 to 4 damage per hit. And since he runs so much... Of course, Wizards can just patiently wait until they get their level 59 skills and oneshot the damn thing with a rain of flaming blades note . On the other hand, Psychics are totally screwed, especially since their Weapon of Choice has lower basic physical attack than the tools Wizards usually use.
  • Uncanny Valley: When customizing your character, try setting "eye openness" to max and eye size to minimum. The eyes look like they will fall out at any second.