YMMV / Perfect World

  • Anti-Climax Boss: There's a certain level 100 boss you're expected to fight solo when you're level 30. Don't be afraid: he dies quickly and, in fact, doesn't attack at all. The only danger is his tendency to flee into a crowd of aggressive mobs...
    • To clarify on this, the boss is also completely immune to magic in all forms, which scares ignorant newbie spellcasters. Fortunately, this boss actually dies in a few punches even from the weakest spellcaster. As mentioned above, he DOES live near a dungeon entrance full of elite mobs 50-60 levels higher than the average monster in the area...
  • Awesome Music: The Archosaur theme. It's the choir that does it.
  • Goddamned Boss: For Wizards and Psychics, the aforementioned level 100 enemy Kun Kun is this. While most classes have no problem killing him (meleers have little problems, for obvious reasons; Venomancers can simply sic their pets on him; Clerics can use Plume Shot and fly out of the way of the stronger enemies), Kun Kun is 100% resistant to spells. This means that the unlucky Wizard or Psychic must now physically smack Kun Kun, doing about 3 to 4 damage per hit. And since he runs so much... Of course, Wizards can just patiently wait until they get their level 59 skills and oneshot the damn thing with a rain of flaming blades note . On the other hand, Psychics are totally screwed, especially since their Weapon of Choice has lower basic physical attack than the tools Wizards usually use.
    • Any one of the three "gatekeeper" Wraith emperors that stand in the way of the player party's fight with Aurogon the Dragon Emperor in the Advanced Endless Universe (Aohe the Dark Emperor, Chigo the Serpent Emperor, and Locen, the Emperor of Flame) may elicit frustrated groans from the entire squad depending on its class composition and overall power level. To wit:
      • Aohe's path is almost always the easiest, as it has a single target that must be destroyed before the Dark Emperor splits off into Aohe Snake (physical-immune for casters to attack) and Aohe Dragon (elemental-immune for meleers and Archers to attack). If the party has a Psychic with the Soulburn skill or a Cleric with the Magical Shackle skill, this player can one-shot the target (the supposedly damage-immune Aohe's Spirit) and shorten the fight by a considerable margin. If not, then the squad must follow a much longer route to make Aohe killable. Then when the party is split off to fight Aohe Snake and Aohe Dragon, these two targets must die within ten seconds of each other, or both will revive to full power and the party must start this phase over. Any squad that is over-balanced on either end in terms of physical vs. magical damage-dealers is likely to have coordination difficulties.
      • Chigo's path is probably the most tedious. Your NPC ally, Luminous Jade, will split himself into Light Jade and Dark Jade, each of whom will stand at one end of the dungeon and absorb "Destructive Force" generated when the player party kills mobs that swarm around two glowing pearls in order to make Chigo able to be killed. Each half of the squad must kill its mobs at the same rate (i.e. difference in the amount of Destructive Force each Jade absorbs cannot exceed 4 units), or the total Destructive Force will rapidly drain. This is impossible to perfectly coordinate between two halves of a player squad.
      • Locen's path, however, is the most complicated, usually leading to the most screw-ups that make it take longer. As soon as eight players unseal Steel-Eyed Shakti from her magical prison, you've got to head to the scent-masking skyclover bushes in one hell of a hurry because that's when Locen will start stomping all over the place in search of unsuspecting players, and not only is he invulnerable until the very end of a long puzzle, but he hits like a semi truck and moves even faster than a Barbarian in tiger form. Ready for that puzzle? First you've got to collect the Thorny Cocklebur Seeds that Steel-Eyed Shakti needs to make her Pill of Endless Sight, used to see a quartet of otherwise-invisible Scouts you must kill later on. Then to make the pills, one player must operate the Alchemy Furnace (blowing air and adding water at Shakti's cues) while three others must attack three "flame" mobs, neither killing them nor letting them recover to full HP, and still three more players must kill the minions that will try to attack the furnace operator and fire controllers. Not only are you on a time frame (need to create pill before Locen makes his rounds and curb-stomps any players he catches outside the nearby bushes), but if the party makes ANY mistakes (killing a fire, allowing a fire to gain full HP, performing the wrong action at Shakti's cue), the entire furnace quest will fail and must be started over. After making the pills and killing the Scouts whose presence can now be seen, one player must disguise him/herself as a minion to speak to either the Alabaster or Obsidian Transient in order to gain the Brilliant Inscription necessary for setting a trap that will enable Shakti to destroy Locen's invulnerability enchantment. If a Scout is left alive to squeal, if a non-disguised player allows the Transients to see him/her, or if more than one player tries to speak to the Transients...they'll start attacking and must be killed before the Inscription can be taken. Once a player has the Inscription and uses it to repair the Nine-Point Sealing Matrix that must then be activated to set the trap, the others must kill the physical-immune Firethorn Snakes and the elemental-immune Manshu White Beasts to acquire Devil Snake Bones, as these are used to activate the correct points on the trap matrix. Activate any wrong point, and - you guessed it! - the matrix resets and the correct points must be re-activated. Only when Locen is caught in the trap, and retreats to the central island to recover, can he be hunted down and killed.
  • Uncanny Valley: When customizing your character, try setting "eye openness" to max and eye size to minimum. The eyes look like they will fall out at any second.