Funny / Perfect World

  • Arguably, the bluetail lemur quest where you have to collect stink glands in Earthguard 1-19.
    Your character, after completing the quest: I can't breathe.
  • From Tideborn manufacturing quests: Digging with your bare hands would hurt. Go buy a pickaxe from the merchant, will ya?
  • One quest as soon as you reach the City of Archosaur wants you to find the thief that had stolen a man's gold. Not only do you find the unearthed dig spot with the advertisement, "No Money Here", you discover the culprit left a note: "Wang didn't steal".
  • So, some lady in West Archosaur wants to try some Mantou. That's nice, sounds like another average Fetch Quest. So you go along with it, teleport/fly/swim/whatever down to the Silver Pool, and ask Chen Takai about it. Then...
    • Chen immediately informs you that Kun Kun, that level 100 antelope with full boss embroidery around his name, tried to steal his Mantou recipe, failed, and stole his Coward Boots, which made him immune to spells. He tells you to go teach him a lesson. You also have to do it alone, because roaming as a group would startle Kun Kun. You are most likely somewhere around level 30 at this point. The character's reaction is appropriate ("I... I... ........"). Then you decide to go after Kun Kun, and all he does is run away from you. If you get really lucky, you might be killed by a monster whose aggro radius you ran through while trying to chase the thing down. Then you go back...
    • ... and Chen tells you to go talk to his wife, Man Hung (stop giggling). She asks you if you think her hair is beautiful, then tells you that she lost one of her hairs at the bottom of the Great Lake and asks you to get it ("I..."). So you go do that, run back, and finally get your Mantou. It's awful.
    • So you bring it back, and the lady tells you to go see another supposed master Mantou chef, this time in southern Archosaur. So you go, and after some chatting, he tells you that he needs flour, water, and sugar. Easy enough, right? Just buy them from a nearby bakery or something. No, it's not that easy. You have to go to the capital cities of the three mainland races to get these ingredients. Then you go back and finally get your Mantou.
    • Even better: the lady introduces the quest by asking you if you know what the latest fad is. One of the possible responses is "Wraiths."
  • Dizzy's introduction. She sees Goshiki in Etherblade Lake, falls off her swordnote , and breaks several bones in the landing. She then asks you for restitution, in the form of your weapon, coins, and a Wraith Officer's Badge ("I'm like this close to my next rank!"). You refuse all three. She then decides to follow you around, in case you find something that she can take. "Against your better judgment, Dizzy has joined you!"