YMMV / My Brother, My Brother and Me

  • Big Name Fan: The "McElroy Spirit Guides", which are the fans who send the most yahoo questions to the show, and are also very known with the fanbase. These include Drew Davenport, Zoe Kinsky, Rachel Rosing, Ira Wray, Jakob Locker and a lot more.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Just about every episode.
    Justin: WAAAAIT A MINUTE!!! Stop the world, I want to get off! Did you just say "sow your seed in a field of pussies"!? What kind of ship are you running here!?
    • Particularly during a sponsors-only episode where their dad answers a Yahoo about music to play during lovemaking, much to Travis's amusement and Griffin and (especially) Justin's horror.
      Justin: You fuckin' stop that on my show, I built an empire, you will not destroy it!
  • Heartwarming Moments: Quite a few. The McElroys are good, sweet, soft boys.
    • Not MBMBAM-specific, but in all their projects, the McElroys do their best to be inclusive and accepting of all their fans, and quickly apologize whenever they accidentally say or do something hurtful. This article goes into detail about how the brothers' accepting attitudes help make the show uplifting and comforting, and has its own heartwarming quotes about MBMBAM's importance.
      Podcasts are an inherently intimate mediumóa voice not just in our ears but in our head, because thatís where the sound locates itself when you listen on headphones. The hosts start to feel like your friends. The McElroy brothers escalate that feeling—itís not a friendship youíre sitting in on, but family. Family that is witty and fast, determined to make them and you laugh, and—and this is not a trait all real families even offer!—genuinely concerned about not hurting your feelings.
    • The last episode of the TV show ends with the boys just sitting together on a stage talking about how much they love each other and how glad they are that they got to make this show together. It gets so emotional that Justin actually starts crying, so Travis rubs his back while he and Griffin crack jokes to cheer him up.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In episode 48 (from 2011), the brothers received a message with the sender giving a "internet fist-bump to Griffin, who right after said he just fist-bumped his monitor, and having no idea why he just did that.
    "I hope you're listening Pokemon Game developers: If you want to evolve your Pokemon, you have to make them eat another Pokemon of the same type"
    • The early Running Gag about how Griffin is the only single member of the team, especially now that he's married. Ditto the jokes about no longer being funny after having kids, because he's a dad.
    • The brothers apologizing for Small Reference Pools for making jokes about Dungeons & Dragons ("She's a freak in the bedroll.") and video games, considering many recent fans got into them through their D&D shenanigans or Justin and Griffin playing video games. Ditto Justin in episode 113 joking that recording an episode of them playing D&D is about as likely as recording an entire episode high on salvia.
    • Justin mentioning a new follower in Episode 58 named @babylonian. That's Nick Robinson, who would later become Justin and Griffin's co-worker at Polygon (and Griffin's co-host on both Car Boys and Cool Games Inc.)
    • Griffin asking if Alexander Hamilton was a president.
    • Griffin joking in late 2011 about the then-impending 2012 "apocalypse" boiling down to Quetzalcoatl, Hercules, and other gods/mythical beings fighting to be the one to destroy the world. That's actually not too far off from the plot of American Gods.
    • Episode 85: Justin suggesting a hypothetical show in which Tilda Swinton plays a vampire. She eventually did, although it was a movie, not a TV show.
    • In Episode 356, while talking about the revival of Twin Peaks, the brothers give out fake spoilers involving "Doug Cooper", Dale Cooper's identical twin brother. The third episode of the revival reveals that Agent Cooper has a doppelgänger named Dougie.
  • Milestone Celebration: Episodes 100: Reflectionz: A Look Back and 200: The Two-Hundredth One, where some of the listeners who previously send questions tell what happened after they followed the brothers advice.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The TV show has Griffin's invention, the Clown Box.
  • Squick: Travis reaction to the "Is it weird to kiss your dad on the lips?" question and Justin making it the sign-off for the show. Justin and Griffin react differently to the question.
    Justin: I've been looking for a good sign-off for the show for so long, and I think "Kiss your dad square on the lips" is probably...
    Griffin: Square on his sweet, plump lips.
    Justin: Kiss your dad.
    Travis: Oh god. I'm so disgusted right now.