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YMMV: Mario Kart 64
  • Breather Level: Rainbow Road, despite being a ridiculously long course and having Chain Chomps, is far easier than the previous level, Banshee Boardwalk.
  • Awesome Music: The Staff Roll, such an amazing, happy and heartwarming song.
  • Character Tiers: Almost nobody likes the Heavy characters, they are incredibly slow and useless on turns and offroads. This game probably introduced a real tier system.
    • That said, there are skilled players who know how to drift boost (drifting is how you don't lose speed while turning after all) and use the characters' weight to their advantage. And really, if you're going off-road without stars or mushrooms you're not playing well anyway.
  • Contested Sequel: Many people consider it inferior. Others consider it the part where the series began to Grow the Beard .
  • Game Breaker: If you happen to have a Spiny Shell and hold Z, you'll trail the shell behind you. As long as you don't release Z and shoot it, it will stay behind you, providing yourself a pretty wicked shield. Since the shell only destroys itself when hitting the racer in first and has priority over all other items, it will not go away no matter how many items (or racers) hit it. Just don't shoot it once you're in first place.
  • Goddamned Bats: Banshee Boardwalk.
  • Most Annoying Sound: Peach's lines of "Herewego!!!", "Peachy", and "Ayieee". She never shuts up either!
  • That One Level:
    • Yoshi Valley is a huge labyrinth on narrow cliff sides, and the computer doesn't keep track of your places. Oh, and there is a huge egg near the end that can crush you.
    • Banshee Boardwalk is easily the hardest course in the game, lots of very sharp turns and drop offs, with very little room for error.
    • Toad's Turnpike on Extra Cup, where not only the turns, but the cars change direction.

The racers have the following balance tropes associated with them:

  • The Mario: The middleweight racers, with average speed and maneuverability.
    • Mario: Good speed and turning, and slightly more resilient than other middleweight characters.
    • Luigi: Very similar to Mario, but with average speed and weaker strength—however, this is compensated by his slightly better handling and acceleration.
  • Fragile Speedster: These are the lightweight racers, who have better speed and acceleration, but tend to lose speed on turns and can be spun out easily.
    • Peach: Great speed and good power slide, and she is able to jump a little farther than other racers, which makes her ideal for using some shortcuts.
    • Toad: Very good acceleration, speed, handling and power slide and can jump quite far, but his light weight makes it easy heavy for other racers to make him spinout.
  • Lightning Bruiser:
    • Yoshi: Great acceleration, speed, handling, and power slide in turns.
  • Mighty Glacier: These are the heavyweight racers have lower speed than the others, but lose less speed on turns, and can make other racers spin out on collision, and as a bonus cannot spin out themselves.
    • Bowser: Good speed and turning, has great strength (but not on par with DK) but is hampered by his poor acceleration.
    • Donkey Kong: The strongest racer in the game, who can effortlessly spin out smaller racers. Has great speed, but poor acceleration.
    • Wario: He has the best acceleration and handling of the heavyweights, but suffers from poor speed and is the weakest of the three heavyweights.

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