YMMV / MadWorld

  • Colbert Bump: The song "Ain't That Funny" got popular with the League of Legends fanbase, due to a video for a strategy for that game featured this song, proving MadWorld's music quality even to people who don't play this game. Just look at the comments on any Youtube video of this song.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: It crosses the damn line so many times it's been rubbed out. And covered over with bloodstains.
    The Black Baron: Y'all know who I am...that's right, the bishop of blood and carnage, the Black Baron!

    Now, back to this baby. You just toss a muthafucka into this here jet engine and accelerate that ass into the danger zone at thirty thousand G's!

    ...hey, what's goin' on baby? Can't you see I'm...hey, hey, HEY! What'chu doin? I'm talking to the people! I'm trying to break it...ahh, aaaah! Bitch, I'mma pimp smack yo' ass when I get outta...oh, no no no no NO!

    (cue sound of body being sliced into mince by a jet engine)
    • Nintendo Power described this game as "not only crossing the line twice, but cuts the line in half, sets it on fire, and throws it out the window."
    • Name something the commentators say. It's probably this. Example!
    Kreese: I can tell you from experience that those happy pills are even better when you grind them up and inject them into the folds of your scrotum.
    Howard: I'll give you a dollar if you can tell me one thing that isn't better by grinding 'em up and injecting them into the folds of your scrotum.
    Kreese: Haha, you got me!
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Mad World is one of the few games with a (indie!!) hip-hop soundtrack. It is really good. The whole soundtrack qualifies, really - even the song that you only hear for about 15 seconds in-game.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The announcers are some of the most popular characters in the game for a good reason!
  • Memetic Mutation: Ninjas are distracted by pirate hats.
    • "Awesome rack on her though!" "Aww true dat!"
  • Moral Event Horizon: Noa crossed it in the game's intro, cutting off Jefferson Island from the outside world, releasing a virus into the city and making people kill each other for the cure, all so he could set up a massive Death Watch arena to make money off of it.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Some of the more graphic stuff may leave a bad taste in your mouth, like the way you finish off Frank.
    • The sound that mooks make when you shock them to death or impale them.
    • The 2nd boss in Asiantown (the Shogun), who busts through a rice paper screen with a chainsaw Naginata. Yikes.
    • The death of Jude the Dude. Take his giant revolvers, shoot him until only his skeleton is left standing, then finish him with a single shot. He lets out a single scream despite having no vocal cords at this point.
    • The scene depicting the start of the Death Watch game. It's not Played for Laughs.
  • That One Attack: Death Blade's insta-kill Power Struggle, anyone? He basically has the zombie mooks hold you in place while he dramatically rises from an abyss to slice your sorry head off (or bisect you, whichever way works). And you have very, very little time to shove the zombie into his body before that happens. No wonder he wasn't allowed into the Tower.
  • That One Boss: Frank garners more message board complaints than any other boss in the game, by far. The timing for dodging his moves and counterattacking is tricky to get down, and he can also regain health at least twice (once after each Power Struggle) and more than that if the player takes too long to kill him. It's possible to attack while he's recovering to prevent too much progress from being lost, albeit at the expense of vulnerability to his electrical attacks when he finishes.
    • The Shamans aren't regarded very warmly either. The fact that the Alpha bum-rushes you with smaller mooks is bad enough, but the Power Struggle is really quite difficult to pull off, with Jack more often than not getting hit because of it. And that's not detailing the Werewolf-wheel that can miss you completely and still hit you.
  • That One Level:
    • The Castle Dungeon forces you to battle zombies and gardeners in a tight confined series of tunnels with few unique ways to kill them and little room to escape. Plus, the level's challenge (stick the Giant Mook with five candlesticks) is a pain to pull off. And Big Long Driller is constantly appearing out of nowhere to give you pain (And he takes a lot of punishment). And it ends with Frank.
    • Then there's the level immediately before that one. The layout is fairly easy, and the regular enemies are too. However, the miniboss is incredibly frustrating with an instant kill attack, which the regular enemies hold you in place for. The Elite Mooks are the same gardeners as in the dungeon, and the boss has a frustrating attack that could best be described as a werewolf circular saw of pain.
  • This Is Your Premise on Drugs:
  • WTH, Casting Agency?: John DiMaggio one could understand as he loves doing voice over roles like this. But Greg Proops?! How the heck did SEGA swing him into this?