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YMMV: Lay Cool
  • Base Breaker: Michelle McCool full force. While the duo received criticism for the "Piggy James" angle, McCool got the blunt of the bashing due to her marriage to The Undertaker.
    • The whole gimmick itself was rather polarizing. Some people simply felt that it was a moronically stupid angle, since it still boiled down to basically two girls throwing ugly jokes at other girls. Others were at least a little happy that there was any kind of story at all, considering women's wrestling in WWE frequently has no storyline and is merely Jiggle TV.
  • Broken Base: Layla as a face has fans divided. One half found her forced and corny while the other found her natural and entertaining. However they seem to universally agree on her face run being better than her god awful heel turn in 2013. See Narm below.
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome: Layla defeating Michelle McCool at Extreme Rules 2011. While it won't be winning any Match of the Year awards anytime soon, it was by far one of the best Divas' bouts in a while.
  • Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming: It was fairly sweet of Layla to apologize for acting like such a bitch to the other Divas at Extreme Rules, where she could have possibly have been forced to leave WWE. (And it was sweet of the others to forgive her, all things considered.)
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Layla. As a heel she was still as spiteful and sadistic as Michelle though she often brought more comedy to the proceedings which caused the fans to love her.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Layla definitely. While she had her fans before this, she's pretty over with the crowd now.
    • It could be argued (and has been by some) that they were able to make the Divas division an Ensemble Darkhorse for the business. They ended up being some of the best written heels on Smackdown, which is especially remarkable since many times there is NO storyline in women's matches, with many simply being "Watch these two jiggle for a while." More than a few people have said that LayCool made the WWE Divas relevant, if not exactly dignifying.
      • We Want Our Jerk Back: Unfortunately, with the break-up of LayCool and Kharma going on leave due to her un-expectant pregnancy has left the Diva Division in the same rut it was in before.
    • Layla was a big favourite among Diva fans long before LayCool formed, going as far back to the Diva Search (where people were happy that the winner wasn't a generic blonde with no personality). Diva Dirt loved her especially in its early days and the columnists were begging for her to get more screen time.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Layla. Sure, she's still a massive bitch, but with the way Michelle's been putting her through the wringer lately she's been wearing this beaten-puppy expression that made this troper want to give her a hug.
  • Les Yay: And how!
    • Especially Layla's attachment to Michelle.
  • Moral Event Horizon: The "Piggy James" angle, for Michelle, at least.
  • Narm: Pretty much anything Layla has done since turning heel in 2013. She tries to do what she did in LayCool - except it worked back in 2010 when Divas didn't have characters so fans were willing to accept anything from a Diva. Plus she had Michelle to offset her wackiness. Now in 2013 it's just embarrassing to see a woman in her mid-30s behaving like a 12-year-old girl. It's especially glaring because she's always paired with AJ who is much better at playing an OTT character.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Watch Layla's match with Beth Phoenix at Over The Limit. The part where Beth has Layla in the Boston Crab and Layla is screaming "please stop!" is quite disturbing to see, especially considering Beth is actually working Layla's surgically repaired leg (it's the right leg and in wrestling they normally work the left limbs) and that Layla is selling it more realistically than the theatrical way it's typically done.note 
  • Older Than They Think
    • The gimmick is suspiciously similar to the Beautiful People in TNA, though that was also based off the likes of Mean Girls. Which itself was based off what was, to paraphrase the Mean Girls page, probably the experiences of everyone who attended high school.
    • Of course, both Lay-Cool and The Beautiful People were likely inspired by a stable on the Indy circuit called the International Home Wrecking Crew, who predates them both. TNA likely was at least aware of that group's predecessor, The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew, since they had one half of it in Radiant Rain (miss Payton Banks). The Beautiful People were not as silly and much more evil though. Laycool also likely owes itself to Vince's Devil's, the trio of Torrie Wilson, Candace Michelle and Victoria, which was dedicated to tormenting rookie divas Ashley much in the same way Laycool targeted Mickie James. Older than they think in many ways.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Layla has dealt with a bit of this treatment upon her return in 2012. During her time with LayCool, she improved in the ring (as far as the present-day Divas go, she was one of the better in-ring performers to begin with) and became an Ensemble Dark Horse. She probably would have gotten a better reaction if the fanbase hadn't spent the entirety of 2012 up to that point anticipating the return of Kharma.
    • More like Broken Base. Many only remember a couple of "we want Kharma" chants during her match at Extreme Rules while also forgetting there were also "welcome back" chants and "let's go, Layla" chants which would suggest fans were happy to see Layla as well.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Michelle definitely. Before the team formed she was a bland heel with appalling mic skills. Then she shocked the world by revealing she had a gift for comedy. She's now much better on the mic and a lot more charismatic. Layla has also improved in the ring vastly.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: Mickie James and the other face divas smashing cake all over them at the Royal Rumble, Mae Young beating them up, Natalya putting them both through a table, the list goes on.
    • Michelle also got a chance to superkick Hornswoggle on live TV.
    • Kharma hitting an Implant Buster on Michelle.
    • The special design of the table during their table match against Natalya and Beth Phoenix. It had a image of the duo as anorexic witches.
  • Took The Bad Feud Seriously: The "Smelly Kelly" feud really was an awful idea but the girls really took it and made the most out of it.
  • Villain Sue: Michelle at the start though once they started feuding with Beth, she was booked much more consistently and this continued into their feuds with Kelly Kelly and Natalya. She had been categorized as one before Laycool but the group's increased screen she got in the group and being treated as champion to Layla's belt is where it really took off.
  • What Could Have Been: Alicia Fox was originally paired with Michelle McCool after the latter's initial Face-Heel Turn. She was inexplicably drafted to Raw and Layla was eventually paired with Michelle after some random tag matches. One wonders what LayCool would have been like if Alicia had been the number 2 instead.
    • Hilarious in Hindsight: The week after Fox had been drafted, JR made a throwaway comment in a match (Michelle and Layla were teaming together) "You never know, maybe Michelle and Layla could hit it off here".
  • X-Pac Heat: Briefly, for the "Piggie James" angle. Half of it was from people who thought it was just a dumb angle, and the other half was from those who thought that it was unconscionable that WWE would send a message like that to their fans. It was also moronic, since Mickie was crazy over with the fans and it didn't do anything to change that.

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