Heartwarming / LayCool

  • Yes, even Lay Cool gets one, from helping Vickie Guerrero do the frog splash in tribute to her husband Eddie at WrestleMania XXVI.
  • Layla's return interview right after she won the Divas' title from Nikki Bella.
    "First night back and I'm Divas' Champ"
  • Layla comforting Kaitlyn after losing the Divas' Championship to AJ at Payback. Made even more poignant by the fact that Kaitlyn had previously alienated the rest of the Divas over her secret admirer fiasco.
  • A meta example. In 2013, Layla posted a picture on her Twitter of herself hugging her father - saying that they had been reunited after 30 years apart.
  • The two posting a picture of them being reunited at WrestleMania 29. Even after two years apart, they were still the best of friends.
  • Their sincere Tears of Joy at Kaval winning NXT Season 2. They run down to the ring at once and jump into his arms (or rather Layla does, Michelle was a bit too tall for that).
  • When Aksana was released, Layla posted a lovely farewell to her on Instagram.
    Had some of my best and fav matches with @AksanaWWE that never made it to TV. Blessed to have known and worked with you.