YMMV / Kurt Angle

  • Crosses the Line Twice: Angle lampshading WWE's inability to get him over as a heel by declaring that he hates black people and wants to make Jesus tap out, then getting a huge pop for saying that he can say anything he wants and still get cheered because everyone knows that he is the greatest wrestler in the world.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: "Gold Medal" is catchy as all hell. And there's the iconic horn stabs of his WWE theme...
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: When he returned from an injury in 2003, he was greeted to the "You Suck!" chants, but his response is different from usual.
    Angle: Y'know, I can't believe I'm gonna say this... but you have no idea how good it feels to hear those words again. Play my music! (Conducts the crowd for the "You Suck!" chants)
  • Designated Hero: Gets this treatment in the infamous WWE Tough Enough incident with rookie Daniel Puder. Fans usually point out how unprofessional was Puder for putting Angle on an illegal Kimura lock in their amateur wrestling match, but they rarely acknowledge that Angle was blatantly the first in breaking the rules just minutes before when he submitted Chris Nawrocki with a similarly illegal neck crank, and often even overlook the fact Angle broke Nawrocki's ribs in their match despite being supposed to take care of the rookies as the veteran in charge.
  • Ear Worm: If the "You Suck" chants in tune to his entrance doesn't induce this, then in all probability "Sexy Kurt" will.
  • Growing the Beard:
    • Can you believe the Olympic Gold Medalist who won with a freaking broken neck wasn't really over when he first debuted as a pro wrestler? In fact, he was quite the opposite of over, as fans found his mat based style generic and boring. Then he snapped and became the violent "shoot style" wrestler everyone loved hate.
    • More like "Shaved the Head"; Angle was always considered a great wrestler, but the WWE never gave him a great reign as champion, and he always seemed to be more of a goofball than a badass, until he lost a Hair match against Edge and shaved his head in 2002. The same year, he got his first great world title run, and people started to see him as not just a great wrestler, but the greatest wrestler of all time.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • If you've witnessed him in the height of his Eagleland gimmick in the early 2000s, it's hard not to chuckle seeing him in Warrior, where he's a Fake Russian.
    • In 2007, he said WWE would be better off if Triple H stopped wrestling and just ran things behind the things with himself out of the picture. Come 2014 where Triple H runs NXT and people are not only calling for Triple H to stop wrestling, they want him to take over WWE's behind the scene operations completely.
    • Him "not being a fan of the black people" was immediately downplayed as an attempt to be audacious to prove a point, and already not taken that seriously given he tried to seduce Booker T's wife Sharmell over a year prior. Then it became even more worthless as a statement years later when both Booker and Sharmell were made part of his Main Event Mafia in TNA, and even more years later when American Alpha member Jason Jordan became his black son.
  • Internet Backdraft: Good luck if you ever mention the 2004 Angle/Puder incident on the internet.
  • Magnificent Bastard: The secret behind his insane popularity in the ring is that he's a rare heel in the business who doesn't need run-ins or heel tactics to win, but can defeat the babyfaces by simply being better than them and making them tap out. The best example of this is Royal Rumble 2003, with a clean victory over Chris Benoit in one of the greatest matches of all time. There is a promo in which he says he can say anything he wants (including not being a fan of "the black people" and wanting to make Jesus tap out) and the "idiots" will still cheer him because he's the best wrestler in the company. The crowd, of course, cheers because it's true, it's damn true.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Regardless of whether Kurt was a face or heel, the WWE fans would always chant "You suck!" in time with his music. When he was a heel, they meant it. As a face, it was a weird sign of affection by the fans.
    • Angle can do anything "with a broken freakin' neck!"
    • "Where's your gold medals? Oh, that's right — you don't HAVE any!"
    • My black son.note 
    • Kurt Angle went Raw on Jason Jordan's momma.note 
  • Never Live It Down/Old Shame: An old commercial Kurt did for a local pizzeria shortly after winning the Olympic gold. It's highlighted by having a green pepper and a pepperoni slice wrestling on the pizza itself while Kurt watches in amusement. The Rock went so far as to show the commercial on Raw to embarrass Kurt. It worked.
  • One-Scene Wonder: He wrestled one match for Ultimate Pro Wrestling in California; a match with Christopher Daniels that was considered a candidate for the best match of the year 2000.
  • Shocking Swerve:
    • After being released from WWE in 2006 (allegedly) due to his refusal to go into drug rehab, he then jumped to TNA in a move that shocked practically everyone.
    • Within months of his return to WWE, he was at the center of a mystery storyline involving a "career-ruining scandalous secret". Turned out to be Jason Jordan being his son, which came completely out of left field — particularly because it wasn't nearly as scandalous as implied and no one expected that to be the way he'd finally get to work with either Jordan or Chad Gable.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle was the most financially successful feud in TNA history, the most common criticism being that it could have made more money if it had not been rushed through, damaging Joe's drawing power in the process. It would become a running theme with similar subsequent TNA feuds also being rushed through, to diminishing returns (while things like Aces & Eights seeming to stick around forever).