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YMMV: Kirby and The Amazing Mirror
  • Awesome Music: The themes for Mustard Mountain, Radish Ruins, and Candy Constellation. Also, Dark Mind Form 2's theme.
    • Olive Ocean as well.
  • Goddamned Bats: The Bronto Burts. In addition to them, there's the Sword and Heavy Knights (they move fast), Leap (they'll kiss you if you're not careful in the air), and Roly-Poly (He rolls down slopes and bumps into you if you're not careful). Also the Batty enemy.
  • That One Boss: Mega Titan. His impenetrable armor (except against electric attacks) and fast attacks make for a frustrating fight.
    • Best Boss Ever: Nevertheless, the fight is still extremely fun and hectic. Not to mention you're fighting a flying, four-armed, Rocket Punching mecha-knight called Mega Titan.
    • Phan Phan qualifies as That One Mid-boss. Between his pattern being randomized, moving insanely fast, and his attacks coming out quickly with little warning, he is by far the most annoying miniboss to fight.

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