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YMMV: Katy Perry
  • Alternate Aesop Interpretation: "E.T.": Multicultural relationships are ok, or Rape Is Love? This mainly depends on whether or not you're listening to the Kanye West version.
  • Awesome Music: "Fingerprints".
    • Also, "Waking Up In Vegas" and "Teenage Dream". "Firework" too, if this does not, you up nothing will.
    • E.T. also deserves mention.
      • And "Part of Me", "Wide Awake", "Not Like the Movies" and "Thinking of You".
    • "By the Grace of God" also deserves special mention, what with its inspirational production and lyrics.
  • Broken Base: All 3 of her albums (4, if you include Katy Hudson) are very different from each other, leading to a lot of disagreement as to which one is the "real" Katy. Also, "One of the Boys" and "Teenage Dream" are best known for their upbeat pop songs, even though both albums include a lot of very serious songs. Currently, she is very popular with gays, but also very popular with Christians, and very popular with teenage and younger girls (who don't even understand her lyrics), leading to a lot of disagreement as to how to interpret various songs, as well as which of her songs is best.
  • Ear Worm: If you hear any of her songs, it'll play in your head all day long.
  • Critical Dissonance: According to the other wiki, "Teenage Dreams" generally received mixed reviews upon release from music critics. This album ended up tying Michael Jackson's "Bad" in amassing No 1 singles for the Billboard Hot 100(with 5).
  • Funny Moment: "Ur So Gay", all of it. Also doubles as a Stealth Parody.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: A lot of the lyrics in E.T., considering it's about Russell Brand and she ended up divorcing him, such as "They don't understand you", meaning her friends warned her about it.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Katy Perry is very popular in Northern England and Scotland.
  • Growing the Beard: Arguably, Teenage Dream. Althought plenty of people see it as a step back towards total unoriginality.
    • Prism can be considered this.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: "The One That Got Away" became this after her divorce from Russell Brand.
    • Katy Perry: Part Of Me invoked this, with numerous quotes from Katy about settling down & raising a family.
    • "Not Like The Movies" is already a sad song but after said divorce, it's HEARTBREAKING.
  • Internet Backdraft: In some parts of the internet it is not wise to bring up "I Kissed a Girl", especially around lesbians who have been burned by girls like the one she's singing about. It's not pretty, to say the least.
    • Also, imply to a Katy Perry fan that she stole the idea from Jill Sobule, who wrote another song called "I Kissed a Girl" in 1995 and had a hit with it. Not helped at all by the fact that Sobule herself added fuel to the fire.
  • Lyrical Dissonance: While Lyrical Dissonance is an objective trope, there are a number of interpretations on what the lyrics of E.T. actually mean. Officially, it's a catchy pop/hip-hop song about falling in love with a foreigner. However, the lines "wanna be a victim, ready for abduction" combined with "fill me with your poison", make a pretty good case for the song being about date rape.
  • Memetic Mutation / Iconic Outfit:
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The "California Gurls" video has some, believe it or not. A woman entrapped in Jell-O, and one wrapped up like candy, looking totally lifeless. Okay, Katy lets them out, but it's a song about how girls from California are the best, not "Papa-fucking-razzi"!
    • Also she and her friends eat a living gingerbread man. He responds only by smiling. Also that last one may have been inspired by (or copied from, if you prefer) a scene in Tom Petty's Nightmare Fuel-filled video for "Don't Come Around Here No More". Considering that in Petty's video it's a woman dressed as the main character of Alice in Wonderland being eaten after becoming a cake from the neck down, and she looks pretty horrified about it, what happens to the gingerbread man is not so bad by comparison.
    • The music video for "E.T.", apart from the whole Rape Is Love possible interpretation, has a tendency to flicker weird images; among them, a nuclear bomb going off, WWII soldiers being killed by a landmine, writhing millipedes, F-14s dropping bombs, and cheetahs killing various kinds of prey. And then there's the video itself, which includes Perry's creepily long fingernails, Perry turning into a female satyr, a naked astronaut revived from stasis, and a shot of what's implied to be a destroyed Earth.
    • Dark Horse, suitors come to her in the hopes of wooing her with fabulous gifts. She responds by turning them into objects. I.E: A grill for her teeth, a cup full of wine to soothe her tongue after eating spicy Cheetos, an alligator purse, dice for a pimped out chariot. Only the last dude gets off luck since he gets partially turned into dog. Also that statue during "There's no going back" parts (shudders).

      The "There's no going back" voice on its own. To quote A Dose Of Buckley:
    Buckley: Also, how unsexy is that "There's no going back thing"? If a girl was talking to me and all of a sudden, her voice changed into that, I'll be calling an exorcist to get it the fuck out of there.
  • Painful Rhyme: Katy is the QUEEN of painful rhymes.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Check out this Carbon Leaf video from 2006.
    • The same year (two years before her debut album as Katy Perry), she appeared toward the end of P.O.D.'s "Goodbye For Now".
    • In Gym Class Heroes' second video for "Cupid's Chokehold", she was the girlfriend that Travie meets without the aid of Cupid's arrow. (She was also dating him in real life at the time.)
  • She Really Can Act: As the insane prison guard in Raising Hope. She's near unrecognizable as well, having a facial hair problem and a bushy perm.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: According to some people, "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" is very similar to "Make Love" by Daft Punk.
    • Ironically, the vocoder and synth saxophone breakdown at the climax of "International Smile" is very comparable to Daft Punk's "Digital Love".
    • "Roar" is most certainly this to Sara Bareilles's "Brave". It's the exact same beat.
    • "Birthday" sounds like one of her own songs, "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)".
    • "California Gurls" is essentially Kesha's "Tik Tok" with somewhat improved instrumentation and writing. The fact that both songs share two writers (Dr. Luke and Benny Blanco) explains a lot.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • "I'm Still Breathing", "Not Like the Movies", and "The One that Got Away" (especially now).
    • Additionally MANY moments from Katy Perry: Part of Me could make you cry, ranging from the Brazil scene to the bit about the pressure from the recording company's to change herself to the fan appreciation moments to over working herself with excessive travelling and of course the marriage problems related scenes.
    • The One That Got Away is even more gutwrenching with the music video.
    • The last few tracks on Prism, especially "Ghost" and "By the Grace of God".
  • The Scrappy: In pop music she is generally hated on the most. It is quite telling that she's often brought when someone wants to say pop music is stupid.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: Most of her videos are this, but the epitome is "Wide Awake".
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?:
    • The video for "Hot 'n' Cold" features, for no apparent reason, roller derby girls (and Katy herself skating in her wedding dress) and a zebra at the end.
    • Could also be applied to "California Gurls" too, but Up to Eleven.
    • And now, the video for "This is How We Do" as well.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: Kidz Bop and the Ubisoft game Just Dance for the Wii, rated E for Everyone, both feature "Hot 'n' Cold", a song that uses the word "bitch". They use a kid-friendly version using the word "chick" instead, noted as "Hot 'n' Cold (Chick Version)". The Chipettes covered it in Alvin and the Chipmunks: the Squeakuel as well.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic?: At the 2012 Grammys she performed "E.T." (a song about her love story with Russell Brand), the power went out mid-song and she then started singing "Part of Me", a song about her break-up with Travie McCoy reworked to fit her divorce with Brand.

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