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  • "I kissed a girl" takes on more meaning when you realize it came out after "UR so gay", where Katy was mocking her "gay" boyfriend. Now, imagine she and this guy stayed/got back together. Then the events of "I kissed a girl" take place. Katy kisses a girl (and she LIKES IT!). "I hope my boyfriend don't mind it"? More like if he finds out you'll learn just what a fierce bitch payback can be, Katy. It's also possible Katy was being such a jerk about her boyfriend's "gayness" due to her homophobia, which is rooted in subconscious anxiety over her own feelings of same-sex attraction. And yes, I do think the boyfriend in question could very well be Russell Brand.
    • So Katy can also see the future since "Ur so gay" was written at least 2 years before she met Brand.

'I Kissed A Girl' is about a lesbian (or bisexual girl) in denial.
The random mention of her boyfriend and the insistent justification that she's not REALLY interested that way and the kissing is innocent while fawning over how magical girls are reek of this. Also, the motivation of why she'd deny it so fiercely is there too, she feels guilty ('It felt so wrong, it felt so right.') due to social conditioning since 'it's not what good girls do'.
  • Also, her boyfriend probably wouldn't mind her kissing a girl - unless he knew she was actually attracted to girls.

Katy Perry is an alien

And she's from a planet that has been locked in a centuries-long conflict with whatever planet Lady Gaga came from. They were both sent as emissaries to Earth to try and compete for the hearts and minds of humanity.
  • Hm, maybe her song 'E.T.' is about an earthling, then? Technically alien to her.
    • Yes, according to the music video, which clears things up a bit.
    • Yup. She came to Earth and expected to have a lot of interaction with us humans as her planet competed against Lady Gaga's planet for the Earth's allegiance...she just never expected that she was going to fall in love with one of us Earthlings (Russell Brand). So the song is about her dealing with her confusion over this inter-species romance....what she doesn't realize is that Russell Brand himself is also an alien from a third planet.
      • ...which would still be considered a different species and "alien" to her. Maybe the same planet? ...WHAT AM I SAYING?! I've gotta get out more...

Katy Perry is a Magical Girl from an anime who has broken the fourth wall
...and entered our world. This explains the colorful wardrobe, the unusually large eyes, the color hair, and her Blithe Spirit persona. She's a Genki Girl, Magical Girl, and a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, and she just wants to have fun. She's slowly trying get all of humanity of embrace this mindset...and when we do, the whole world will become one big beach party. And it will be awesome.

There's a third Deschanel sister who's eyes Katy Perry stole
  • Please explain.

"Last Friday Night" is a dig at Ke$ha.
  • The lyrics describe the horrifying aftermath of the crazy parties described in Ke$ha's singles from around the same time and gives a nasty reality check as well, since the narrator now has to deal with the fallout from her night of "YOLO" inspired debauchery. "Damn..." indeed.

"E.T." is about The Doctor
  • The sound effect at the beginning of the song sounds a lot like a TARDIS.
  • Several fans have broken down the lyrics and compared them to different Doctors, especially 9, 10 and 11.
  • Many fans embrace this theory, as a quick Google search will turn up.
  • The line about being "supersonic" could be a reference to the Sonic Screwdriver.
  • The line about the "angels" is often pointed to, when the song came out the Weeping Angels had recently debuted.
  • The video features TARDIS blue in its color palette.

"Last Friday Night" takes place in Shermer, Illinois.
The music video is like something out of an 80s movie.