Funny: Katy Perry

  • This Schrodinger's (NSFW. Katy Perry song, but clean) scene if it wasn't cut. (Sesame Street+Katy Perry=Awesome).
  • The video for Last Friday Night. Bet you all the money in the world that you'll LOL at least once before it's over.
  • Katy Perry's reaction to a mean tweet on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.
    @The_McCabe: "I would rather chop my arm off and *** myself with my detached limb than watch "Katie perry the movie" What the f*** is wrong with the world.
    Katy Perry (deadpan): I'd pay to see that.
  • The video for Dark Horse. Once you get past the controversy, there are some weird and funny moments:
    • The Oh, Crap reaction of the fat pharaoh once he realizes his pitcher is empty (note: this is right after Katy Patra is fanning her mouth because of the spicy food, so she must be pretty pissed). Then her face when she zaps him.
    • Then the pharaoh right after. If you look closely at the chariot, it is bouncing because two attendants are jumping up and down at the back.
    • The crocodile guy.