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YMMV: Iron Man: Armored Adventures
  • Ass Pull: Tony and Whitney suddenly dating. Ask any watcher of the show and they will admit they didn't see this coming. However this explicitly came just after this happened in the previous episode. So most believe this was just something to prolong the UST between Tony and Pepper.
  • Awesome Music: The theme song.
  • Base Breaker: Gene and Pepper. Half the fanbase love 'em, half the fanbase hate 'em.
    • To some extent, the same can be said of the show itself; half of the fans hate it for making Tony a teenager and other drastic changes to the character and his universe, while other love it for its good plot, character development, and use of various elements from the comic (such as the Armor War, Iron Monger or Extremis);
  • Complete Monster: Justin Hammer is a young weapons manufacturer whose company Hammer Multinational is the main competitor to Stark International. Hammer hires the super villain known as Mr. Fix to work for him and later injects Fix with a nano virus, that will kill him if he disobeys Hammer. After Iron Man defeats Hammer's Titanium Man armor, Hammer blames Fix for the armor's failure and uses the nano virus to kill Fix's body, but uploads his mind into Hammer's computer systems, much to Fix's dismay. After Stark International lands a big military contract, Hammer decides to get revenge by placing a control device on Stane's Iron Monger armor and sends Iron Monger on a rampage. After receiving blackmail messages from an unknown party (actually sent by Mr. Fix.), Hammer becomes increasing paranoid and Ax-Crazy. Hammer starts attacking anyone who he thinks may be responsible, including his own men. Hammer uses a new chemical weapon called Z Gas to turn crime boss Count Nefaria into a zombie and then kidnaps and tortures Killer Shrike, one of his former henchmen. Hammer then turns Shrike into a zombie. After Iron Man broadcasts evidence of Hammer's crimes across the globe, Hammer starts to lose it and plans to release the Z Gas on New York City.
  • Damsel Scrappy: Pepper Potts has two purposes for her existence: help Tony out on occasion and get captured and rescued constantly even in situations she should be able to escape from on her own. Her behavior is consistently damsel-like despite her aspirations to be a kick-ass SHIELD agent - at one point she's in the middle of an abandoned warehouse where two different factions of Chinese assassins are fighting and she sits there waiting to be rescued instead of getting away from the fighting. Yeah, real SHIELD material.
    • Rescued From The Damsel Scrappy Heap: She finally gets her armor to fight with in the three-part season 2 finale. She even gives herself the name Rescue since she just rescued Tony and Rhodey multiple times since getting it.
  • Die for Our Ship: Some rabid Tony/Pepper fans give Whitney Stane (yes, that Whitney Stane ) this treatment.
  • Ear Worm: The theme song, by Rooney, will be in your head for days.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Gene Khan/The Mandarin; Whitney Stane/Madame Masque.
    • Lampshaded with Justin Hammer. Pepper comments that the cute ones are always evil.
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: Tony finds out a clause in his father's will says if he can't keep his grades up, he loses his claim to Stark International. He can't just stop being a superhero, though, so to keep from bombing a test he hasn't had time to study for, Tony's friends feed him the answers over an earpiece. This is supposed to be a lesson about sticking with your friends even when things get rough, and doesn't even touch on how they're doing so by cheating.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Tony/Whitney for some, and Pepper/Gene for others, if not those same people.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Jean Grey and Senator Kelly both have their X-Men: Evolution voice actors reprising. In Evolution, Nick Fury resembles his classic self, but wears the Ultimate version's wardrobe. In this show, he's just the opposite: Ultimate Fury dressed as classic Fury.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: This show happened to use Extremis. Now, what was a major plot device in Iron Man 3 again?
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In the episode "Dragon Seed", When Pepper takes her new armor out for a test drive, Rhodey says something along the lines of "Let's hope she doesn't take out New Jersey". Tony replies, "Let's hope it's the shore". Well, thanks to hurricane Sandy....
  • Magnificent Bastard: Justin Hammer sometimes goes near to be this, but he tends to often go back into Smug Snake territory
  • Moral Event Horizon: The sentient AI in the armor almost kills Mr Fix and Whiplash in an attempt to protect Tony from danger.
    • Xin Zhang is heavily implied to have murdered his wife.
    • Subverted with Gene when it's revealed he caused Howard Stark's accident, but it turns out he didn't kill Howard and kept him alive for informations. Of course, from Tony's perspective, it's still played straight. Not to mention the fact Gene was going to kill Tony that day because he didn't see any use in him, it was only thanks to his armor did Tony survive.
    • And let's not even talk about Justin Hammer...
  • Never Live It Down: Pepper isn't really as useless as much as her detractors like to make out. While she is the go-to Distressed Damsel, she's rarely the only person at the time in danger, and while not an Action Girl, she does have her own contributions to the team (notably, she was once able to track down the wife of the Crimson Dynamo's pilot, in order to get him to stop his rampage, using nothing but detective work and pretending to be an FBI agent). However, the Distressed Damsel aspect of her character has made people ignore her other aspects and write her off as The Load. Though it doesn't help that Pepper herself seems to see herself as The Load and hoping to get her own armor to stop being that.
  • Periphery Demographic: Despite being aimed primarily at boys, the show has an interesting amount of female viewers, which is usually unheard of for a superhero show. The show also attracts quite a bit of anime fans. Both of these are probably attributed to the show's heavy anime-influence as well as it's effort to not rehash the stories found in the comic books like other superhero shows, which have a history of alienating both of these demographics.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: Several for each pairing of the cast, but special mention goes to "Pepperony."
  • Special Effect Failure: A minor instance. In the second season, Pepper complains about Tony having gone without a shave in a while, making it look like he's growing a goatee. While this is presumably meant as a Mythology Gag, Tony's character model hasn't actually been changed to reflect it, so Pepper's comment comes off as rather odd.
    • Banner's transformation into the Hulk in this show (he just transforms in a flash of light and his clothes are back to normal when he turns back to normal) can also seem pretty lazy compared to the usual transformation sequences given to the character.
  • Tear Jerker: The ending of "Best Served Cold" will make anyone's heart clench.
    • Or the ending of "Designed Only For Chaos" for that matter.
  • Uncanny Valley: The faceplate for the Mk. II Iron Man armor makes it look as if Iron Man has a perpetual Slasher Smile/Psychotic Smirk/Sideways Smile (take your pick).
  • What an Idiot:
    • Obadiah hiring criminals as heroes for his massed produced Iron Man suits. For a guy with ties to the military he could have easily gotten a hold of soldiers.
    • The entire reason Obadiah finds out Tony is Iron Man is because both his identities said the exact same phrase ("manufactured evil") right to him.
  • The Woobie: Whitney Stane; especially after "Best Served Cold".

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