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Rhodey and Pepper with get their own armor
Only 2 people in the comics have worn the armor for any long period. These same two people have also had their own armor. Jim Rhodes and Patricia Potts. In the show Rhody remote pilots the armor and has worn a glove, a mask, and a chest plate. Seems pretty obvious to me.
  • Rhodey donned the War Machine armor in the season 1 finale, so half-confirmed. Still unknown whether or not Pepper will get her own suit, which in the comics is called Rescue.
    • In "The Invincible Iron Man Part 2: Reborn!" she even drew what she wants her armor to look like and persistently begs Tony to make it. He tells her that he will think about it.
    • And it will have LASER GRENADES!
      • Minus $50 worth of upgrades.
        • ...it will have ONE LASER GRENADE!
  • Rhodey foreshadows it in "Armor Wars". When talking about how he and Tony fight crime, he's cut off mere moments before suggesting that Pepper might join them someday.
  • Tony finally agrees to do it in "Hostile Takeover", though events in that episode represent yet another obstacle.
  • And now she got to pilot the Stealth armor. Baby steps.
    • She obtains her own armor, Rescue, in "The Dragonseed".
Zhang killed Gene's biological father.
It leaves him open to get into his arrangement with Gene's mother and gain power, and helps fill in the annoying Plot Hole of so many missing parents.

Howard will be dead after all.
This show likes subverting tropes. What would be more uncommon or gut wrenching than to have Gene have lied about Howard being alive?
  • Jossed, Howard was shown in "The Invincible Iron Man Part 1: Disassembled!"

Gene will be possessed by the spirit of the first Khan.
As his "reward" for obtaining all ten rings. The Khan's spirit/mind/what have you is stored on the rings and will possess whoever has all ten on their hands. The entire point of the Makluan Temples and their tests are to find a worthy person for the Khan to possess. The same plot was featured in the animated Invincible Iron Man movie. The person used as the sacrifice has to have a genetic connection to the Khan for the transfer to work. It would be nice to see Gene knocked down a peg by realizing he's nothing more than a human sacrifice for his ancestor.
  • Jossed. The rings do not do that, Gene is proven to be unworthy by the final guardian since his ancestor is heroic, and Gene has become a powerful tyrant.

The Makluan Rings are from the future
. In the comics they're alien technology culled from the starship used by Fin Fang Foom's race and since Fin was the guardian of the fifth ring they may not be using that origin. Howard mentions in "Iron, Forged in Fire" that he believes the rings to be incredibly advanced technology and coming from the future is the most likely origin besides being alien tech. Alternately, they're remains of a civilization of Precursors that vanished thousands or even millions of years ago. If they are from the future that could mean there's an entirely different foe for Tony to fight in Season Three: Kang the Conqueror.
  • Jossed in "The Dragonseed". They really are Makluan alien technology.

To fight Gene and his growing number of enemies, Tony will form The Avengers.
If only on a part-time basis. Hulk and Black Panther have already appeared, all they need is Captain America and maybe Hawkeye who appeared in a comic of the show. If Quiksilver and the Scarlet Witch show up there could be A Very Special Episode about tolerance for mutants. At the end of the season the team would form to take on the fully powered Gene Khan to keep him from devastating the world.
  • Well, he is on good terms with the Black Panther now, who even says that he'll come whenever Tony calls for help. So the show does seem to be on the path for the Avengers.
  • Further supported by the debuts of Hawkeye and Black Widow.
  • All but confirmed as of "Extremis" (especially considering SHIELD has Steve Rogers' frozen body aboard the Hellicarrier), though the idea comes from Nick Fury, and Tony turns him down, declaring he's not exactly a team player.

Tony will reveal his secret identity by the end of Season Two.
One of the primary reasons will be to prevent Ghost from blackmailing him once he regains control of Stark International, but also because of the continued misuse of the Iron Man armor designs.

Project Monger won't see the light of day until the season finale.
Based solely on its apparently epic scale, it's most likely going to pose a MAJOR threat, bringing about Tony having to team up with either SHIELD, Mandarin, or maybe even both to defeat Stane once and for all.
  • That doesn't seem to fit with Stane's characterization in this show. He'll be dangerous, yes, but end-villain material is doubtful. They'll probably continue with the Mandarin plot.
  • Jossed as of the Iron Monger episode that is about midway through the season.

Justin Hammer killing Fix and uploading his brain
will come back to bite him hard. He's got all the time in the world to figure out how to escape his digital prison and find a better body to use... maybe Stane's Project MONGER?
  • First part came true, second part jossed.

Wolverine will make a special guest appearance in this show with Scott McNeil reprising the role from X-Men: Evolution
In the Mechacon in which Scott McNeil and Steve Blum had a panel together Scott did mention that he was going to be in a "Adamantium-related" role in the future but was of course not allowed to reveal more about that. While there are other potential possibilities this one seems like the most likely course of action here. It helps that the show does use The Ocean Group for voice talent and has done things like this before (Hulk appeared in an episode and was voiced by Mark Gibbon whom voiced Hulk in Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes.)
  • He probably would've, since Jean and Senator Kelly got the same treatment. Which is cool, because Evolution is this troper's favorite version of the X-Men.

Tony will not take over Stark International when he turns 18.
Why? Simple: His father is still alive. Provided he doesn't get Killed Off for Real, that pesky fact is bound to come up at some point. Alternate possibilities include Howard making Tony a full partner or Howard turning the company over to Tony so he can retire.
  • Through a roundabout series of events, confirmed.

Justin/Titanium Man will attempt to take on The Mandarin, with disastrous results.
Shortly after Gene finds the 10th Makluan Ring, circumstances will lead to Justin attempting to combat him with his Titanium Man armor. To show just how powerful he is with all the rings at his disposal, The Mandarin will win in a rather concise and brutal fashion.
  • And it will be hilarious.
  • Jossed in "The Hammer Falls".

Avengers, Assemble! will be a sequel series
Armor Adventures ended with a sort of Proto-Avenger team so why not?
  • Because then somebody will have to explain how Justin Hammer avoided any consequences for the crimes he was tricked into publicly confessing and what happened to make Tony Stark once again need a pacemarker and go without extremis. And several fans will be pissed off if Tony loses his father twice in the same universe.