Heartwarming / Iron Man: Armored Adventures

  • In the episode "Whiplash", Pepper gets Tony to reveal himself as Iron Man to her; the content smile on her face as she nuzzles into his neck is just adorable.
  • Ivan Vanko's reunion with his family, who after his years of being lost in space, still love and care for him.
  • During "Pepper, Interrupted" Gene is genuinely worried for Pepper's safety, even willing to draw out Iron Man to get her out of harm's way.
  • Near the end of "Donít Worry, Be Happy" Whitney poses as Gene in order to get Pepper to safety, course she's doing it to help Iron Man not Pepper. As the pair head for the exit Pepper tells her that they can't leave without knowing if Whitney is okay first. This causes Gene/Whitney to smile in surprise for a moment.
  • At the end of "Designed Only for Chaos", the Living Laser has a Redemption Equals Death moment, but gets to go out with a smile.
    Living Laser: All my life, I was a nobody... then I got those powers, and I used them to hurt you... the one guy who wanted to help me...
    Iron Man: But you saved me, Arthur.
    Living Laser (smiling): Yeah, imagine that... I am the guy who saved Iron Man... (fades away)
    • Later, after spending the episode coming to terms with the fact that his father at one point designed and manufactured weapons, Tony finally breaks down to Roberta, and she comforts him with reassurances and a Cooldown Hug.
  • Obadiah Stane may be a major Jerkass to everyone around him, but the end of "Best Served Cold" proves that he truly does love and care about his daughter Whitney.
    • He goes further at the end of Heavy Mettle in which he makes a Heroic Sacrifice to save Whitney from his own out of control armor.
  • Pepper giving Tony a ticket to a lecture that they both wanted to see. Pepper just felt that Tony needed to see it rather than her.
  • Near the end of "Man and Iron Man" after his newly scentient armor tells Tony that his danger-seeking behavior is not healthy for him, and that he is to be confined within the armor at all times. Rhodey grabs a repulsor gauntlet to try and fight the rouge A.I., but Tony jumps in the way of the blast the armor directs at Rhodey. Tony goes into cardiac arrest. As Rhodey and Pepper worry for Tony's life, they both look at the armor in disgust. The A.I. realizes that Tony's life is in mortal danger and decides it must act. The funny thing is, just before it does anything it takes a moment to look at Pepper and Rhodey's reactions. Then it sacrifices itself to preserve its creator's life. Later it's Rhodey who points out that despite what it tried to do, it did sacrifice itself for Tony and Tony agrees, with a slight smile.
    Tony: My armor saved me, just like it always does...
  • "Look into the Light" has Mr. Fix revive the Living Laser, who manages to convince Iron Man to help him stop his Superpowered Evil Side in order to save Manhatten.
  • Stane's main henchman, of all people, refuses to attack Iron Man with the Iron Monger mecha when he sees him rescuing a civilian, and returns it back to base, even when Stane threatens to fire him.
  • Tony is finally reunited with his father in "Doomsday".
  • The ending of "Iron Monger Lives", where Tony has SHIELD agents take Whitney/Madame Masque into custody to give her treatment for the mask's effect on her mental state, telling her that he knows "the real Whitney" is fighting against Madame Masque inside of her, and assures her that he will never give up on her.
  • At the conclusion of the Makluan invasion, Tony, Rhody, and Pepper's secret identities are revealed to the general public. It takes less than a minute for the rather large gathering of people present to start cheering.