YMMV: Hot Wheels Acceleracers


  • Awesome Music: All of it. Each of the team's themes from World Race were loved by many. Shirako from Acceleracers was loved due to his music, among other things.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: This whole series has a lot of this, considering it's all about racing in these really cool places.
    • What's really impressive is that a whole series about racing is loved so much. It still has fans today who beg for it to return. Its plot has it's flaws and it's weird how everyone is insanely devoted to racing, but it is still amazing how the writers of this story pulled it all off.
  • Narm Charm: Yeah, it's about a bunch of guys who take driving way too seriously, but a lot of people love it nonetheless.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: The series has shown violence plenty of times. World Race had one driver, Kurt Wylde, actively trying to kill the others. It doesn't stop in Acceleracers either. It has been implied by the look of Banjee's wrecked car in the Swamp Realm that he didn't make it. The same could be said for other drivers from World Race. Not only that, but in Ultimate Race you can see Markie and Kurt fight with Kadeem, unable to change his ways or even help him in the slightest. Think the Power of Friendship prevails here? Not in that fight at least. And it's always possible that Kadeem might've not survived. What's known for sure though is that another drone, Gelorum, got thrown to her apparent death by an Acceleron. Maybe teaching all this violence to kids isn't the best idea.

Hot Wheels World Race:

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: At the very end of the movie there's Vert who gives away his money for winning to Kadeem. He earned that money, but he still gave it to a friend who needed it more. That could've easily been left out, but it most certainly wasn't.
  • Fridge Logic: How do the racers besides the Dune Ratz, Kurt Wylde, and the Wave Rippers get past the sand in the third leg of the race?
    • The Whole Final Jump to return the Wheel of Power, how Vert was able to get up the ramp despite less momentum and almost no Nitrox-2 left.
    • Why Vert didn't use another ramp (there are three others) instead of the one that had just been sliced and diced?
    • How did the Accelerons built Highway-35 in the alternate dimension?
    • How did Dr. Tezla discover the information about the Accelerons?
    • How did Markie even make it to the Race? (This is Handwaved though.)
    • Why Kurt's codename is Zedd-36. There are 35 racers, and Z is the last letter of the alphabet. There are no references to Lord Zedd (that have been successfully made.)

Hot Wheels Acceleracers:

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: In the Junk Realm, there's some Sweepers bothering the drivers. Porkchop and Monkey go in the realm to save them, by using Old Smoky to crash into the Sweeper chasing three of the Metal Maniacs. Old Smoky explodes as Porkchop and Monkey escape using the EDR and it creates this huge and totally awesome explosion. Not only that, but yet another Sweeper comes into this afterwards and crashes into the first one. Awesome.
    • In the very same realm, the Silencerz shoot this electric ball thing at this fire. Breathing. Metal. Monster. Thing. It's taken out after a shocking electric wave that completely shuts it down. It's amazing how the Silencerz haven't won every single realm yet.
    • In Ultimate Race, the Wylde brothers fight off against Kadeem. Think about it. Those two mere humans beat up a guy who is now 80% robot. Sure, Markie had a mechanical arm, and they're both buff as can be, but that's still pretty impressive.
    • There's Vert coming back after giving up being in the Acceleron world to save his friends. He finally beat Gelorum, proved his worth by almost winning an incredibly difficult race without Accelechargers, but he still refuses to be selfish and treat his wants as more important than his friends' needs. He's the main reason why his friends didn't go down the path of Kadeem.
    • After Vert's race, there's everyone fighting against the drones. They all team up and kick some serious butt. No matter what, during that whole movie every single human pretty much contributed to taking down a good chunk of the drones.
  • Sidetracked by the Gold Saucer: The Realms prevent drivers from doing this by only being open for one hour. Otherwise, what's stopping history-buff drivers from exploring the Ruins Realm? Or mechanics from pirating from the Junk Realm? The Water Realm would solve all of the droughts world-wide if it could be accessed at will. The Metro Realm has the same issue. On top of that, the Neon Pipeline Realm is pretty cool to drive in.