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YMMV: Hot Wheels Acceleracers

Hot Wheels World Race:

  • Fridge Logic: How do the racers besides the Dune Ratz, Kurt Wylde, and the Wave Rippers get past the sand in the third leg of the race?
    • The Whole Final Jump to return the Wheel of Power, how Vert was able to get up the ramp despite less momentum and almost no Nitrox-2 left.
    • Why Vert didn't use another ramp (there are three others) instead of the one that had just been sliced and diced?
    • How did the Accelerons built Highway-35 in the alternate dimension?
    • How did Dr. Tezla discover the information about the Accelerons?
    • How did Markie even make it to the Race? (This is Handwaved though.)
    • Why Kurt's codename is Zedd-36. There are 35 racers, and Z is the last letter of the alphabet. There are no references to Lord Zedd (that have been successfully made.)

Hot Wheels Acceleracers:

  • Sidetracked by the Gold Saucer: The Realms prevent drivers from doing this by only being open for one hour. Otherwise, what's stopping history-buff drivers from exploring the Ruins Realm? Or mechanics from pirating from the Junk Realm? The Water Realm would solve all of the droughts world-wide if it could be accessed at will. The Metro Realm has the same issue. On top of that, the Neon Pipeline Realm is pretty cool to drive in.

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