Funny: Hot Wheels Accele Racers

  • Monkey constantly asking about money is kind of funny, considering that the previous movie actually did have that reward.
    Monkey: ...Whatever this dude's paying us, it's not enough!
    Gig: Who said anything about getting paid?
  • There's something hilarious and awesome about Shirako using the enormous speakers on his car to get rid of a bug in the Swamp Realm.
  • After Taro narrowly escapes the drones and goes through the entire Water Realm again all the Metal Maniacs cheer for their friend. The most notable reaction is Porkchop's, as he lies down near Gig after being traumatized by the aforementioned realm. How does he cheer? He punches Gig of course!
  • Before the Metro Realm opens, everyone is sleeping. Monkey has a particularly funny dream, with him gently floating through the sky filled with mechanical crap. He sees Lani, who beckoned for him to come closer. As he does... the alarm goes off and she makes this comical face, with her eyes going in different directions and her mouth wide open. You have to see it to believe it.
  • Monkey's hilariously huge drink he has before the Metro Realm. Comes up later when he says he has to pee. Then, near the end of the realm, he straight up pisses in Tork's car. Tork let's him drive.
  • We're driving Old Smoky! Porkchop's at the wheel! When we hit the Junk Realm, We'll make the Drones squeal!
  • Also in the final movie, there's the fight with now evil Kadeem. As Markie runs over to hit Kadeem while he's on his back, Kadeem kicks him high into the air with his robot legs. It's just so funny seeing Markie go flying waaaaaay up into the air, waving his arms like an idiot.
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