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YMMV: Heavy Weapon
  • Awesome Music: It may be very repetitive, but the level music (used for all missions) is actually pretty good.
  • Breather Boss: War Wrecker in stage 4. If you know how to avoid the One-Hit Kill wrecking ball, it should be a breeze. It comes between the rather annoying War Blimp and the tough Kommie Kong/Gorillazilla.
    • Not so much when you have to re-fight it, though, as it now kicks up rocks from the ground which are not very easy to destroy in time.
    • Bustczar/Head Zeppelin is another example. ALL its attacks are destructible and cannot land a One-Hit Kill, and if you're good, it'll probably be able to use its carpet bomb attack only once. It's a breather because the previous two bosses and the next two bosses have One-Hit Kill moves.
  • Demonic Spiders: Havanski Atomic Bombers, they drop a large bomb that can not only take a lot of hits, but will instantly kill you (and your whole party, in War Party Survival) if it hits anywhere on the ground. For a large enemy, they also give you a measly 3000 points when defeated (as compared to the less deadly blimp that gives 25000).
    • Romanov Attack Satellites will fire an instant-death laser below them, you have to push them backwards so they don't move towards you while firing the beam.
    • Contact with a Shovak Bulldozer will instantly destroy you, so you have to constantly keep shooting at them to repel them back. Not very easy to do when having to kill Airborne Mooks at the same time!
      • For added fun, the game tends to throw both of these at you at the same time, forcing you to juggle between pushing the Dozers back and trying to knock down the satellites.
  • Fridge Brilliance: You don't face any Havanski Atomic Bombers during both visits to Killingrad/Caliber City. The Red Star wouldn't want to nuke their main capital, after all.
  • Goddamned Bats: Most of the weaker enemies, especially Fighter planes when they are paired up with the blimps. Homing-missile helicopters are also really irritating too. Then there are ground-based Mooks like the rocket truck and the tank, both of which force you to aim downwards.
    • Barskov Munitions Blimps. They're big, tank damage for other enemies, and then there's the fact that they blow up into a random shower of indestructiblenote  shots when killed and the shower may be impossible to avoid depending on the spacing between the shots. Thankfully there's usually a gap in the shower.
    • Fovraski Cruise Missiles. These fly in quickly, then do a 90-degree turn and head straight down when they go over a player. They are extremely fast, which means that you'll probably be forced to move left/right to avoid these guys or aim directly upwards to destroy them. And they always come in combination with Tachrok Ballistic Missiles, which limits your room to dodge.
    • Another enemy that appears alongside the Tachrok Ballistic Missiles is the Palinskat Ground Attack Fighter. They operate like Fovraski Cruise Missiles, but instead of dive-bombing you, they shoot a few energy orbs at you.
  • Goddamned Boss: X-Bot forces you to keep moving left and right to avoid his One-Hit Kill Stomping Attack. In the PC version, this makes it irritating to aim at him. And when you destroy both arms blocking the way, you also have to contend with dodging Eye Beams.
  • Hell Is That Noise: The dreaded sound when your last layer of shield fizzles out.
    • The Air Raid siren when Tachrok Ballistic Missiles are launched from the background.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks: Both the level design and bosses. Each level has many different "waves", which consist of a set of enemies. Trouble is, you'll be eventually encountering the same few waves over and over again ad nauseam. And then there's the bosses. Bosses 10-18 are pretty much souped-up versions of the first 9 bosses, usually just faster and with more HP.
  • Most Annoying Sound: "CEASE FIRE!!!"
    • "QUIT IT!!!'
    • "STOP!!!"
    • "Aaaaarrrghhhh!!!"
    • The "Poik" sound when your shots hit a Reflex Fighter's shield. Great, lots of annoying purple shots to move around now...
    • The morse code bleeping and garbled Russian language that the Satellite enemies make to announce their presence. It doesn't help that they're Demonic Spiders.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: "MEGALASER!!!" Cue Ass Kicking via One-Hit Kill Wave Motion Gun...
  • Scrappy Mechanic: In the PC version, your tank aims with the mouse cursor, AND moves towards the mouse cursor. This makes it hard to stay in one position and attack, and even worse when you have to face against Bulldozers that kill you on contact. Fortunately, it was solved in the PS3 and Xbox360 ports, with an analog stick for movement and the other for aiming/shooting.
  • That One Boss: Eyebot. It's bad enough that it comes at the end of the level that introduces the infamous Havanski Atomic Bombers. Then it just eats up your few remaining lives with its massive lightning blasts that kill you in one hit. The only saving grace is that its tentacles that shoot the beams are destructible.
    • Mechworm on the second fight. When his health gets low, it gains the ability to pop up under you. On the second fight, he pops out of the ground much faster, and if you don't move as soon as you see the Wormsign, you die almost immediately.
    • The Final Boss also counts, what with spamming of instant-death lasers that can curve around in its first phase, and instant-death nukes in the second. The third phase is by far the easiest... if you haven't lost your lives during the level or the first two phases.
  • That One Level: Several levels contain That One Wave, often Goddamned Bats paired with Demonic Spiders (or even two or more Demonic Spiders paired up together): Examples are Satellites/Atomic Bombers paired with Blimps or Bulldozers, or Tanks/ICBMs paired with Bulldozers.
  • Unfortunate Implications: The reason why the Updated Re-release had the level names as well as some of the boss names changed, as the names reflected either war-torn countries or Communism.

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