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YMMV: Harriet the Spy
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: Lie to people! It makes them feel better!
    • If someone invades your privacy without just case, your reasonable assertion they had no right to do so will be ignored, and you will be emotionally badgered into admitting you feel bad about their feelings being hurt.
      • Of course, there's no small amount of irony in asserting that Harriet was the one whose privacy was violated with cause...
  • Paranoia Fuel: Anyone with any kind of secret diary or notebook will tell you this is true... thinking about your Notebook falling into the wrong hands is the stuff of this and Accidental Nightmare Fuel.
  • Toy Ship: Although there's no romantic interaction between them, Harriet seems pretty set on marrying Sport some day.
  • Uncanny Valley: This movie poster feels... off.
  • Values Dissonance:
    • Remember all you little 11 year olds, never anger your teacher. Or she'll use your fellow students to torment and abuse you!
    • When Ole Golly manages to convince Harriet to take dancing lessons by telling her that dancing is a crucial skill for spies like Mata Hari, Harriet claims that spies are also required to learn skills like languages and martial arts, but Ole Golly dismissively responds, "That's boy spies, Harriet. You're not thinking." Considering all the developments in feminism since 1963, the remark seems a bit less innocent today.

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