Heartwarming / Harriet the Spy


  • Harriet's parents say they "want to get to know her" now that Ole Golly is gone. Also a Tear Jerker in that they had no role in her upbringing before.
  • After Harriet's Extreme Mle Revenge that follows her parents confiscating her notebook, they finally get the memo that taking it away wasn't a good idea.
    • At night when said Melee plays out, which inconvenienced Harriet's mom who is a Trophy Wife, her mom still tucks her into bed when she falls asleep in her day clothes.
    • The child psychologist who examines Harriet makes note that she is brilliant, which is nice to notice since Harriet's Brutal Honesty makes her hard to like.
    • Harriet's mom offscreen calls Ole Golly to write a letter to Harriet, asking for a story and offering advice on how to handle the notebook situation.
    • They also arrange some Screw the Rules, I Have Money! to make Harriet junior editor of the school newspaper, so that she has a proper outlet and can focus on her work.
    • Sport and Janie forgiving Harriet at the end after she prints that everything in her notebook was lies.

1996 movie

  • When Ole Golly and Harriet reunite.

2010 movie only

  • Beth standing up for Harriet and voting for her blog.