Funny / Harriet the Spy

  • When they are playing vegetables in the school play has a few laughs in it.
    • On Harriet being cast as an onion:
      Harriet: I refuse. I absolutely refuse to be an onion!"
      Mrs. Berry: Oh, but you are an onion.
      Harriet: No, I'm not.
      Mrs. Berry: An onion is a beautiful thing. Have you ever looked at an onion?"
    • When Mrs. Berry says "I want you to feel... to the very best of your endeavour... to feel like you have woken up as one of these vegetables. One of these dear vegetables, nestling in the earth, striving up bit by bit in the magic of growth, waiting for that glorious moment you will be...", Harriet whispers "Eaten" to Sport.
  • Harriet on why she doesn't want to go to dancing school:
    Harriet: It's undignified. I went once with Beth Allen because she had to go, you need to wear these ridiculous pink party dresses and the boys are too short and you feel like a HIPPOPOTAMUS!!!