YMMV / Halloween II (1981)

  • Ass Pull: John Carpenter himself admits that while writing Halloween II, the idea of Laurie being Michael's sister came to him "at 2:00 in the morning in front of a typewriter with a six pack of beer."
  • Awesome Music: The Shape Stalks Again.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Budd. Fans can't agree if he's an annoying Asshole Victim who couldn't die soon enough (especially when he's played the actor who would seven years later play an equally loathsome and annoying role as the rapists' cheerer in the Academy Award-winning courtroom drama The Accused) or a hilarious Jerkass Casanova Wanna Be who brought a lot of laughs to the film
  • Contested Sequel: Though it's certainly one of the better received sequels, some people felt that the twist that Michael is Laurie's brother downplays his character to a degree. However, a lot of Michael is still a complete mystery, so the twist is acceptable for most fans.
  • He's Just Hiding: Jimmy. It helps that he survives in the AMC cut of the film.
  • One-Scene Wonder: A character (and that word is used in the loosest sense) which gets an inordinate amount of fan attention is "Man in Pajamas," played by Howard Culver. He has no lines, is only seen sitting and sleeping in his chair in front of the television, and his name (Harold Elrod) doesn't even appear in the cast list. Yet here's this discussion thread on the IMDb devoted to him....
  • Squick: The kid with the razor blade stuck between his teeth, presumably from when he bit into an apple given to him by a so-called "Halloween Sadist."
  • Too Cool to Live: Dr. Loomis. That is, if you follow the H20 timeline instead of Jamie Lloyd one.
  • Villain Decay: The revelation that Laurie was Michael's sister. Some felt that the reveal took away the menacing mystery that made Michael such an effective villain as it gave a reason for him to stalk Laurie instead of leaving it as an unknown motive. Others felt that Michael's obsession with killing his family members may make him out to be one of the more brutal or irredeemable slashers as even some villains care for at least one family member. This is still a rather divided twist to this day, but for the most part, people seem to accept it as canon as it's used again in the remake.