YMMV / Gor

The original literary series

Outlaw (of Gor) and the Gor movie series

  • Narm:
    Queen: Get OUT of here, you DISgusting WORM!
  • The Scrappy: WATNEY!
  • Sequelitis: The first film at least gives the impression of being made by people who were trying to make something halfway decent. Outlaw, however, comes across as just a bunch of action sequences loosely tied together by a Random Events Plot, along with being generally cheap and poorly-made, even by comparison to the first film.
  • Special Effect Failure:
    • In the first film, the sequence where Cabot is sent to Gor cuts between studio shots of him driving through a thunderstorm at night, and location footage showing his car driving along on a bright, sunny day with only a day-for-night filter attempting to give the impression of a storm. Outlaw somehow manages to be vastly worse, just having Cabot's car being rocked by a couple of stagehands, after which we get a smash-cut to him and Watney being on Gor.
    • The climax of Outlaw has the hunter throwing a spear at Queen Lara with some force... followed by a shot of someone off-screen very gently prodding the spear into Lara's abdomen.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: Even Outlaw seems to have been aware of just how annoying Watney was, as evidenced by the ending where the ring ends up sending Watney back to Earth alone without Cabot, who finally gets to be with Talena, while Watney ends up having to explain to some cops why he's jaywalking in the middle of Los Angeles dressed in a ridiculous outfit.
  • What an Idiot: Upon finding the King's dead body, Cabot pulls the knife out of his back and then runs out of the room with it in his hand for all to see.