Fridge / Gor

  • Random Surfer: Not every human male or female is of the right mindset to live on Gor. The Priest-Kings, and later the Kurii, specifically select individuals who are genetically predisposed to that sort of life. Their children, naturally, are also of the same nature.
  • Fridge Horror: Some points about the slave girls:
    • We never see an old slave girl. They supposedly have anti-aging treatments that prolong human life for centuries if not indefinitely. So, their looks might not fade for a long time. Of course, they're instead stuck in a life where they're used as human sex toys for multiple human lifetimes with little chance for freedom and the ever present fear of death by capricious jerks and likely conditioned to enjoy that sort of life, which is probably even more horrifying.
    • Curiosity and emotional control are stamped out of slaves, and they're also forcibly given birth control. So in essence, being a slavegirl is a form of physical and mental Creative Sterility.
      • Against all of this, there is the Gorean concept that when the right master and slave girl end up together, they will both be fully satisfied with the relationship - and have many centuries to enjoy it. This is the denouement of Captive of Gor, Slave Girl of Gor, and the other girl-protagonist stories, and a number of other master/slave relationships seem to be heading that way in other books too. Essentially, true can only be found by putting the right master with the right brainwashed sex-slave, who's clearly in a position to decide what she finds "fulfilling."
    • A meta example, but many people are disturbed to learn that John Norman's day job is as an ethics professor.