YMMV / Friday the 13th: The Series

  • Awesome Music: The atmospheric, suitably creepy, title theme music.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Two undeniable ones for Micki occur in "Dr. Jack" where she electrocutes the villain with a defibrillator and "Bedazzled" where she uses a mirror to reflect the burning light of the lantern back at its owner. She's overall clever and resourceful throughout the latter unusual Hostage Situation episode, whether in feigning ignorance, stalling for time while looking for the entrance to the vault (twice!), lying in wait to hit the villain over the head as soon as he opened the vault again, arranging to shock the villain by wrapping exposed lamp wires around the lantern, and having Richie throw it over the railing to make the villain fall.
  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • The compact changing its powers seems to make no sense at first, until one considers what happened in the episode it first appeared in—not only did its owner end up killing herself once she achieved the love she wanted (but which she knew was only compelled and thus not truly hers), but she herself was a lonely and rejected girl whom everyone in her school believed unattractive. Killing herself after achieving her "love" instead of killing the man in question would break the love compulsion curse, and at the same time the death of an "ugly" tragic girl would cast a new curse related to giving beauty and the chance to have a life others would envy.
    • At first the name given to the "Quilt of Hathor" is rather inexplicable, since an item marked with a Satanic pentacle and used to frighten people to death seems to have nothing to do with either the Egyptian pantheon or specifically a deity of goodness, love, motherhood, and community. (Although in and of itself a quilt would fit those last two.) But the main villain of the episode tends to use the quilt to kill people while envisioning herself as a sensuous, lusty woman at parties and dances, something which Hathor does hold sway over...and Hathor is also a goddess of fate who was believed to inspire people through divinatory dreams.
    • Why did the victims in "Symphony in B#" just stand there and wait to get stabbed? Look at their faces when Korda "plays" the violin. Of course a secondary ability of the violin would be to hypnotize its victims it'd help greatly in its ability to kill.
  • Ho Yay: Ricky and J.B. in "A Friend to the End.''
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: At the beginning of "The Voodoo Mambo", the estate handler and the realtor seem just a bit too smug at kicking out the Villain of the Week from the home of his late father.
  • Older Than They Think: The titular artifact in "The Poison Pen" had powers almost identical to a Death Note. Also, the pentacle in the hand used by the FOX show Werewolf is referenced in "Scarlet Cinema" thanks to it taking its plot (and footage) from The Wolf Man (1941).
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • The female vampire near the start of "Night Prey" is Jill Hennessey.
    • Enrico Colantoni is a crazed gardener in "Root of All Evil".
    • The ventriloquist with the Demonic Dummy in "Read My Lips" is Billy Drago.
    • The mobster in "Badge of Honor" and the golddigger's criminal boyfriend in "13 O'Clock" is David Proval.
  • Tear Jerker: The death of Jack's Old Flame thanks to the trephanator, and especially his farewell to her at the end of the episode.
    Jack: Well, Vi, now you know if there's anything after. Wait a while, darling...maybe we can be together again...after all...
    • Also, the death of Ryan's father in his son's place, and Mrs. Kent becoming the seventh victim to heal her baby with the cursed cradle. Becomes Tears of Joy when we see the baby lived and will be raised by the babysitter who loved her.