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Nightmare Fuel: Friday the 13th: The Series
  • There were a lot of disturbing situations in Friday the 13th: The Series, despite its overall cheesiness. One of the freakiest involved a body-transferring amulet. A Corrupt Hick with a penchant for stuffing animals (and people) is shoved down the stairs by a chair containing the decayed stuffed corpse of his grandfather and is on the verge of death; rather than dying, he transfers his mind into the corpse. Normally, this would restore the corpse to a living, intact condition, but perhaps being rotten and stuffed with sawdust was too much to overcome. When the madman reappears, he hisses eerily, "Why die?", as if even life as a decaying monster is better than death to him. (Unfortunately, captioning revealed that he actually says "Time to die," which is too trite to be really scary any more.)
    • His abdomen got slashed at one point, and when he runs out of the house his foot gets caught in a trap set in a nearby tree, at which point he's hoisted up by his ankle and the corpse's rotted insides and sawdust start spilling out due to the wind as he screams in agony.
  • The episode with "Mesmer's Bauble" is quite disturbing. A homely guy uses it to make himself popular and handsome so that he can become the love of a singer he had a crush on. But then he decides loving her is not enough...he has to be her. Cue a scene where he is literally melting into her body. And if that wasn't bad enough, when the bauble is removed all the wishes are canceled causing him to revert from a beautiful woman to a homely man in an equally disturbing way.
  • We never found out what the scarecrow did with the heads it collected.
  • No list of this series' Nightmare Fuel can be complete without mentioning "My Wife As A Dog". It's bad enough that the cursed collar starts turning the man's "disobedient" wife into a dog. The ending makes it worse because the bad guy WON. While the collar is eventually recovered and taken back to the shop, the original wife is still very much a golden retriever.
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