YMMV / Doctor Sleep

  • Anvilicious: Stephen King wants you to know that alcohol abuse is bad. The message is presented without qualifiers, unlike The Shining where Jack Torrance knew several other members of the English department at Stovington Prep who were heavy drinkers but didn't let it control their lives, and he specifically recalls Zack Tunney, who could drink almost an entire keg of beer by himself on Sunday night, then show up on Monday sober as a judge without fail.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Rose is described as being very beautiful.
  • Jerkass Woobie: While many of the True Knot could count as the only reason they do what they do is to survive, Snakebike Andi is a stand out example as she gets more backstory than the rest. Even Dan feels some pity for her before she cycles out, begging her Daddy not to hurt her.