Awesome / Doctor Sleep

  • The Dog Bites Back: Rose enters Abra's mind when she's asleep, fully intending to discover everything about her to track her down. She opens a filing cabinet in the girl's head...which promptly sets off an alarm and slams shut. Rose narrowly avoids losing her hand (and possibly her life), an injury that manifests in the real world for everyone to see.
    Abra: (you came back Dan said you would and you did)...(GOOD)
    • First Abra appears to Rose as a little girl on a bicycle. But when Rose trips Abra's alarms, she turns to see Daenerys fucking Targaryen on a white charger with a lance in her hand. Rose only barely manages to avoid getting skewered, and while she's freaking out, Abra does a little snooping of her own in Rose's mind and finds out who she is and what the True Knot has been doing.
  • Danny finishing off the True Knot members before fighting Rose by releasing Concetta's cancerous steam.
  • Indy Ploy: Dan "swapping" into Abra and turning her powers full-blast on Crow Daddy to rescue her.