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YMMV: Cliffhanger
YMMV items related to the film Cliffhanger:

  • Awesome Music: Trevor Jones's stirring score, especially the seven-minute-plus end title version of the main theme.
  • Fridge Logic: While providing the movie with enough mooks for Walker to take down one by one, you have to wonder why Qualen needed at least five heavily armed mercenaries who's sole role during the airplane heist would have been nothing but to sit around if it had gone according to plan.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Renny Harlin makes you hate Qualen and his fellows so much that you'll cheer when they all meet their ends.
  • Narm: In about half the death scenes, you wonder if Renny Harlin thought he was making an Oscar Bait Tearjerker rather than an action movie.
    • Speaking of which, Frank's facial expression during the failed rescue scene at the beginning was off, like he was smiling...
  • Nightmare Fuel: Sarah, Tucker's girlfriend, meets a truly horrific demise at the beginning of the film. Her climbing rig malfunctions and despite Walker's best efforts to try and save her, she plummets to her death.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Tucker is played by Merle.
  • Tear Jerker: Tucker's girlfriend's horrifying demise, Walker's grief, and Frank's murder.

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