YMMV / Celldweller

  • Awesome Music: Celldweller owes its status as the Ensemble Darkhorse of Nu Metal and Industrial Metal to the sheer awesomeness of a huge majority of the project's output. The project's contributions to the Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005) soundtrack, with "One Good Reason" and "Shapeshifter", are perhaps the most well-known among metalheads, among many others. Dead Rising 2 had most of its soundtrack done by Celldweller ("Own Little World" in particular stands out), and even Forza had a song by them, "Solaris", a dark ambient instrumental, which is REALLY awesome.
    • "Afraid This Time" may be one of the best metal ballads ever recorded.
    • Along with Atlas Plug, Celldweller is now producing the music for the 3rd season of Killer Instinct, and the four tracks previewed thus far (Rash, Kim Wu, Arbiter, and Tusk's themes) have been received with much praise from the fandom.
  • Broken Base: There is a healthy amount of fans that like both the old and the new Celldweller, but there is also a very vocal part of the fanbase still waiting for another album like the self-titled debut. Starting to incorporate electronic elements more heavily turned a portion of the fanbase off, and he was even accused of selling out when he started doing dubstep. It seems some naysayers have come around with End of an Empire, though.
    • His most recent album, Offworld, has also earned somewhat mixed reception. Not for the Lighter and Softer direction, but for the fact that only half the songs are originals, while the rest are either remixes of Circle Of Dust and Scandroid material, or covers of other artists.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: He's one of the very few Nu Metal artists that isn't completely despised by Metal-Heads everywhere. Many of them call him, "Linkin Park if they had more talent."
  • Hilarious in Hindsight/Irony: One of the many abandoned projects during the Wish Upon a Blackstar era was a music video... for "I Can't Wait".
  • Ho Yay: Hilariously Subverted. In a Ustream session, one chat member asked him if he bummed Bret. He avoided the question completely and just rambled on about how he used to watch Monty Python and how he wishes he was British.
  • It's Popular, Now It Sucks: Since the mid-2000s some very vocal fans have begun complaining about the proliferation of his music in numerous video game and motion picture productions.
  • More Popular Spin Off: From Circle of Dust, to the point where most of their fans started off listening to Celldweller.
    • Klayton restarting Circle of Dust may change this, though.
  • Narm Charm: "Heart On", if the Incredibly Lame Pun is any indication.
    • "Good L_ck (Yo_'re F_cked)" turns this Up to 11.
  • Never Live It Down: Since Wish Upon a Blackstar, people don't exactly trust him when it comes to releasing new music... or videos... or anything, for that matter.
    • SVH Vol. 3 certainly isn't helping. Although he did finally release it in September 2016.
  • Nightmare Fuel: "Tainted". Especially given how easily it could be interpreted a certain way...
    • "One Good Reason", a Sanity Slippage Song with ten times more Rage Breaking Point than usual. Fittingly, it's also one of the heaviest songs in his discography (as Celldweller, at least).
    • The promotional video for End of an Empire: Love; the heart logo is drawn on a console... with blood.
    • The "alt_Human" video for Circle of Dust is filled with shots of dead animals, surgical procedures, blood and circuitry. The song itself is a critique of genetic modification.
      • Hell, Machines of our Disgrace as a whole is pretty creepy, covering themes such as body augmentation, chemical warfare, surveillance, our dependence on technology, etc.
    • "The Angel of iO", one of the few vocal tracks from SVH Vol. 1. You get the impression that the first half was meant for a horror movie. Towards the beginning and end, parts of the track are slightly out of sync, and for the first half, the synths and vocals are kinda muffled, as if it's underwater or playing through a wall.
    • "The Last Firstborn".
  • Old Shame: How he felt about Circle of Dust, especially the first album.
  • Reimagining the Artifact: Resurrecting Circle of Dust and doing re-released versions of the old Circle of Dust, Brainchild and Argyle Park albums.
  • Signature Song: "Switchback", "Own Little World", "Shapeshifter", "Eon", "Unshakeable", "End of an Empire".
  • Tearjerker: "Against the Tide", "One Good Reason", "Fadeaway", "Precious One", "Just Like You"... just to name a few.
    • "Tainted"... just... oh, god...
    It's always the same / Mourn for a life we can never reclaim
    As time drifts away / We search for the reasons we can't make it stay