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YMMV: Candyman
  • Adaptation Displacement: Few people are even aware of the original short story.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Philip Glass's ultra-gothic minimalist score, all wordless choirs and pulsing pipe organ, elevates the film from slasher flick to grand tragedy.
  • Narm: Candyman showing up and pulling that asylum doctor through a window. There's also Helen taking this opportunity to walk along the outcropping outside, signal a nurse to let her in, and promptly knock her out to steal her outfit.
    • "We hear you're lookin' for Candyman, bitch."
  • Sequelitis: Depends on how much you liked the first film, but the others pretty much abandon the metaphysical observations on the power of urban myth from the original.
  • What an Idiot: Helen, when you wake up in a pool of someone else's blood with a dog head in the hallway and a woman screaming in the other room, you might not want to pick up the bloody cleaver on the floor and hold it in a menacing fashion.
    • She thought that the killer was still in there, and a woman was being threatened, if not slaughtered right there and then. Which is worse? Be implicated for murder or become a victim?

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