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YMMV: Canada's Worst Driver

  • Badass Decay: In Season 8, Flora seemed to be one of the better drivers initially, and both viewers and the show's judges alike predicted that as soon as her husband Frank stopped acting like a Jerkass Backseat Driver, she'd massively improve and quickly graduate. Unfortunately, her performances actually got worse as the season progressed, and seemed to show no real correlation as to how Frank behaved or whether he was even in the car, resulting in her being named the joint-worst for the season alongside Kevin.
    • Sly went from a near perfect final drive in Season 7 and a promise not to drive distracted to a terrible performance in Ever. Ultimately Double Subverted when he had a great roadtest once again
  • Elimination Houdini: An unusual example of this trope, since being eliminated from the show is a good thing:
    • Billie-Jean from Season 3 was shortlisted three times in a row, yet there was Always Someone Better each time. On the fourth occasion of her being nominated she nearly failed to graduate again, as the experts thought that Shelby had done better in the episode, but Andrew persuaded them that it was time to let Billie-Jean go.
    • Ashley from Season 4. She was shortlisted to graduate four times, and still was named Canada's Worst Driver. She was an unusual case overall, since it was obvious to everyone that she was a way more skilled driver than runner-up Emily, and in fact most of the drivers from her season; the real problem was her inability to get on with her husband while driving, something which neither made any real attempt to improve (frying the alternator on Andrew's own truck in the final road test didn't help much either).
    • Father Giles and Jakob, the third-last and second-last graduates from Season 5 were each shortlisted three times before eventually leaving, which in both cases was further delayed by no-one graduating in the fourth episode, and then Crystal having to pull out during the following episode.
    • Diane from Season 8 was shortlisted every second episode, but was ultimately the last person to graduate, in part due to her twice refusing to graduate, and also due to the panel inexplicably deciding that Margherita should graduate over Diane in the penultimate episode.
    • Michael from Ever, who managed to tie Ashley's record of 4 nominations without graduating... including being shortlisted three times in a row, much to his dismay. He would probably have graduated in the fourth or seventh episode, if not for Angelina being forced out due to her mental health issues in the former episode, and Dale being kicked out of rehab for attempting to quit and injuring herself in the latter. He was the final graduate of the season, however, after a nearly-flawless public drive (while Sly had a flawless public drive, he did so badly on the challenges throughout the rest of the season that Michael was given the final graduation instead).
  • Fridge Horror: Wil's verbal abuse of his wife in Season 5 was considered resolved, and they are very lovey-dovey when she graduates, with him promising to be more supportive from then on...except it's fairly common for domestic abusers to go through periods of contrition before their abusive behaviour resumes or even escalates.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • Arun from Season 5. He was not liked by most viewers at first, especially during the fifth episode when he displayed blatantly sexist behavior toward his wife and nearly caused about a half-dozen accidents in the lane changing rally. However, the news that fellow contestant Crystal's brother-in-law had been killed in a motoring accident later in that episode really seemed to shake him up, and after that he took rehab a lot more seriously, started behaving more reasonably toward his wife, and became the season's final graduate.
    • By extension, Crystal herself. Prior to her brother in law dying, she was probably the most ignorant driver in rehab, but the news gave her a rude awakening.
    • Two examples in Season 8 — Klyne started out looking like another young driver who didn't give a crap about improving, in the same mould as Colin or Scott, but he took the rehab process seriously and ended up being the third person to graduate. In fact, he could have been the first person to graduate, but actually turned the opportunity down, feeling that he still had a lot more to learn. Also from that season, Margherita was probably the worst driver (other than Kevin) in the first half of the season, and initially didn't seem to care much about improving (largely due to her nominator constantly telling her that the experts were dumb and to disregard their advice), but she eventually took the lessons on-board and improved significantly over the course of the season, eventually becoming the penultimate graduate.
    • Angelina in Ever was received with much more sympathy and concern after she left the show for mental health issues.
  • What an Idiot: Two contestants in two seperate seasons (same guys under Redemption Rejection) have stated low opinions of police officers, as well as having boasted about very illegal acts (Scott drove under someone else's name while under house arrest). Look at the former occupation of The Big Guy. He still carries a badge. He has an obligation to report such confessions to the police where these things happen. Yes, he will fulfill that obligation. Oh, and yes, the judges will question the intelligence of anyone who boasts about such things on live TV.
    • Then-Sergeant Cam Woolley also called Colin from Season Two an idiot, due to his driving.
    • Many of the contestants have Game Show-grade dim bulb moments when asked to identify road signs. For instance, Dale thought that a sign indicating an information centre (a brown sign with a white question mark) meant that the road to the information centre was shaped like a question mark.
    • Angelina from Season 5 is also really bad to the point where she tries a reversing challenge while drinking a coffee without a lid. When she is forced to drop it, she wouldn't shut up about how upset she was. Also, her driving is horrendously bad to the point that her nominee admitted that she tended to crash all the time and Angelina was convinced that she did well on some challenges where she nearly destroyed them. No wonder she 'won'.
      • Andrew even called her the worst driver of all time.
      • And if you were scheduled to take part in a show called Canada's Worst Driver Ever, what should you not do the night before you make an hour long drive to the rehab center? Get drunk. Angelina showed up at the starting line with a hangover and had to hitch a ride with Chris.
  • The Scrappy: There have been several.
    • Colin (season 2) and Scott (season 6) are both In-Universe for their arrogance and not taking the show seriously, after Scott was expelled, Paul said "Maybe this will wake him the @##! up".
    • Donna from Season 4, as a result of her unrepentant attitude toward drink-driving and continuing to believe that she should drive despite numerous health problems. Even the loss of her license she remained as defiant as ever in the e-mail she sent to the show.
    • Dale, especially after her antics in Ever, which ultimately resulted in her being expelled in the penultimate episode and made many viewers think she should have still received the title despite being expelled (and she almost did).
    • Kevin in season 8 and Ever was greatly disliked by viewers because blamed everything else on his bad driving from the weather to his blind eye, and even swore at Andrew and snapped at him after Andrew stopped the drive when it was becoming too dangerous to continue. Kevin also snapped at some fans on the Show's Facebook page.
    • Sly with some fans in Ever, for breaking his distracted driving promise to Aaron from Season 7, and also to fans of Season 7's Shirley, who felt he should have still been named the worst despite his better final drive.
  • The Woobie: Aaron, considering what he'd gone through. For extra lovability: his attitude and insistence of serving as a reminder about the real point of the show.
    "Aaron, buddy? Everybody loves you."
    Andrew Younghusband, during a "You Asked" preseason episode.
    • To a lesser extent, Melissa from Season 5. The Rolls Royce was also one.
    • Jerkass Woobie: Angelina. Dear God, Angelina. She may be ignorant at times, and show a lack of improvement but her depression, anxiety and overall mental health problems are almost enough to make her a straight example of The Woobie. Her boot episode in Ever shows just how damaged the poor woman is

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