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Headscratchers: Canada's Worst Driver
  • How these people get their licenses is something that puzzles even the host and experts!
    • They usually say how they got them, such as knowing the examiner or flirting with him. Most are borderline illegal.
    • In Aaron's case (Season Seven), the headscratcher was "why was his license still valid after he was in a coma for two months?"
      • Because driver's licenses aren't revoked just because the possessor is in a coma and two months is not enough for it to expire.
    • Father Giles is easier to understand—his license was issued during a different time in a different driving culture.
    • From Season 8, Kevin has a glass eye! That's right. He is literally half-blind. How does someone with no depth perception or right-side peripheral vision get a driver's licence?
      • Depends on whether it was issued before or after he lost the eye.
      • Turns out, depth perception doesn't have much effect on driving. Or a lot of things.
      • Many people with glass eyes or who are blind in one eye can drive perfectly fine. Having a glass eye was something he used as an excuse for bad driving, but he'd be just as bad a driver with two eyes, because he simply didn't look where he was going—ever.
      • Perhaps the question should be expressed as "How does a person with one eye pass the vision test required to get a license?"
      • Possibly answered with Jason in Season 10 — he passed his initial eye test when he first got a license, so he doesn't have to take another eye exam until he turns 80.

  • How in the hell did they not expel Dale for chasing Andrew? Not only is that reckless and dangerous, I'm pretty sure it's a felony. Like I get Scott was already expelled but really? The bitch chased him!
    • If she hadn't apologized, I think she would have been booted. Scott never apologized.
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