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Awesome: Canada's Worst Driver

  • In Season Five, Jakob actually completed the Gimble challenge faster than Andrew.
    • Similarly, Dean from Season 6 outperformed Andrew in the Trailer Challenge.
    • Sean did the same thing in the offroad challenge in Season 2
  • Aaron's public drive from Season Seven, which was almost perfect (aside from rolling through a stop sign early in the drive). Seeing him grinning from ear to ear as he drives as a normal driver for the first time since nearly being killed by a woman who failed to observe a stop sign was truly a magnificent sight.
  • Chris Ferguson, the "winner" of season 1, returns in Ever to perform a nearly flawless performance in the assessment challenge. He ends up being the first graduate of that season.
  • One of the final challenges on the Ever season finale was to reverse down a narrow pathway lined with cars, do a reverse slalom, turn around, then Do It Again Forwards. Kevin somehow manages to pass it flawlessly. It's unfortunate that the same couldn't be said of anything else he did...
  • Thomas' performance in Season 2. Nailed every challenge eventually, graduating second, then winning the first race he entered. Certified Badass Driver

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