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Funny: Canada's Worst Driver

  • During the Season Five water-tank challenge:
    Sergeant Cam Wooley: This is rapidly turning into a Wet T-Shirt Contest!
    A thoroughly soaked Mike Butt: I've never been on this end of a wet T-Shirt Contest!
  • Season 5, episode 1: Mike Butt gets lost on the way to the rehab center, and asks a dog for directions.
  • In the fifth episode of Season 5, one of the challenges was to drive back to the group's hotel at night. Angelina couldn't do this because her headlights were broken (and her registration was expired, though she seemed totally oblivious to this), and ended up having to hire a tow truck. On the way back to the hotel, she ranted at length about how stupid the challenge was and asked "Who the fuck drives at night anyway?" — at which point the tow truck's driver gave her a Death Glare and raised his hand.
  • In the season 7 finale, they gave a funeral service to the the horribly wrecked Dodge Challenger they had used throughout the season.
  • "Finish this sentence for me Sly. Sly like the...." "Wind" Corpsing ensues.
    • He repeats the question later and STILL gets the same answer.
  • During the fourth episode of Ever, Dale manages to drive like a maniac, but somehow manages to get through all five of the "needles" in the Eye of the Needle challenges. Andrew's expression is priceless.
  • During the fifth episode of Ever, Andrew's Don Cherry impression is utterly side-splitting.
  • When a pedestrian comments on the car during Michael's public drive in Ever, he had this to say...
    Michael: Perhaps...but I'm still in a Corvette!
  • Sly leaving his car in gear when he gets out and it starts rolling away!
  • "Holy FartKnockers!"
  • This exchange during Canada's Worst Driver Ever prior to Sly's first run of The Eye of the Needle
    Andrew Younghusband: So why don't we think about what we will do if we have a successful run?
    Sly: Me and Fred will have a little dance
    Andrew Younghusband: And what will you do if this is not a success?
    Sly: Do a sad dance.
    • Sly does the funeral march.
  • In the fifth episode of Ever, Kevin was allowed to take the reversing challenge forwards due to being a fan of Trans Ams, one of which was being used for the challenge. Despite destroying the car's passenger mirror and one of the tyres, along with most of the course, he proudly proclaimed it worthy of a pass. Cut to the judges sitting there open-mouthed and completely speechless.
  • In the third episode of Canada's Worst Driver 10, they give Jason a copy of the Canadian Drivers Handbook to read during the distracted driving course. The passage they have him read? "Driving is a job that requires your full attention." You just know that they had him read that deliberately.
  • From the same episode, George fails nearly all of the challenges in said episode. Every time he fails, George's nominator gives him a punch. After the shoulder check challenge, Andrew joins in while telling the audience violence is not the solution.

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