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YMMV: Brows Held High
  • Author's Saving Throw: The first episode of the La Belle et La Bete was mostly well-received, but some disliked it for feeling it made Kyle seem like he was wiser than all his other fellow reviewers, especially Some Jerk with a Camera. This wasn't Kyle or Tony's intention (the latter who wrote much of his "immature" scenes himself), but the following two episodes thus put them on more equal footing, with introducing Kyle's flaw of being pretentious in contrast to Tony's demand for mainstream appeal.
  • Cargo Ship: Oancitizen+Trashcan FOREVER!!!
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Oancitizen's conversation with the NATO representative at the end of his review of A Serbian Film. Hearing Oan demand that NATO wipe out Serbia is a little uncomfortable at first...until you get to the "fictional bombs" part.
    • From the same review, his stickman representations of some of the more graphic scenes.
    • Lupa's cameo in the Melancholia review. Just... Christ... (Although it's worth noting Kyle and Lupa are good friends in real life.)
    • At the end of Mister Lonely, the Marilyn Monroe impersonator kills herself. Ven promptly pops up and starts singing 'Candle In The Wind', while Kyle is promptly horrified. The whole scene is hilarious.
  • Ear Worm:
    • The opening theme. It's called Procession of the Nobles by Rimsky-Korsakov. Also qualifies as Awesome Music.
    • "'Cause it's French" is surprisingly catchy.
  • Genius Bonus: Many of the jokes are references to non-mainstream plays, figures, and organizations.
    • During the Exterminating Angels review, Oancitizen mocks the incomprehensible radio messages by replying with what sounds like trucker slang; one of these phrases refers to "an Andalusian doggie".
    • The way he called Goldmember out in Dutch is offensive enough translated literally, but he also calls him a cancer victim. "Kanker" (the Dutch word for "cancer") is the worst expletive in the language, worse than the English "fuck."
    • In the Antichrist review, he made a reference to Farinelli, a castrato singer.
    • During his review of the 2006 movie The Exterminating Angels, he congratulates everyone who thought this would be a review of the Luis Bunuel movie.
  • Growing the Beard:
    • While the previous reviews did plenty of analysis, they still owed much to the TGWTG style of recapping a movie's plot while riffing jokes along the way. Melancholia marked a shift in that the analysis of the film's themes began to take priority over the recapping, which subsequent episodes have been following since. Consequently there have been less BHH episodes, only 7 in 2013, but they tend to be longer and have a lot of research put into them, while still plenty funny.
    • Kyle himself claimed that his review of A Serbian Film was a major turning point in his reviewing style, as he really did his research on the history & culture of Serbia, and managed to make a review that was equal parts entertaining and educational.
    • Viewing his earliest episodes, you can see that his beard has literally grown since he started his show.
  • He Really Can Act: Melancholia. For both Kyle and his emotional turmoil and Ven as his Foil at the end.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In the Between the Lines video on Batman, Kyle ends it by concluding that Bruce is forever doomed to be Batman or die. A clip of The Dark Knight Rises is the final shot in the video. When the film came out, Bruce actually retires as Batman without any incident (besides faking his death).
  • Internet Backdraft: He uploaded "The Girlfriend Experience" to That Guy with the Glasses. By day's end, he was bombarded by accusations of slut-shaming, misogyny, and overall bad taste. He wound up losing viewers and disgusting newcomers out of taking interest. When he tore it down and explained why he didn't like the review, he was accused of everything from backpedaling to weakness of character.
    • Again when he posted "Shit TGWTG Fans Say," in which one of the guests stated their vocal hatred of "Rants," the admin of a Postsecret-style fanblog. He couldn't even put it up on the site before he was compelled to tear it down, and by then it had already caused disquiet amidst the reviewers. Other people, however, were able to look past the joke and put the video up on YouTube- it appears as the first video result of searching TGWTG's acronym. On there, many people found the video hilarious, as it was an accurate portrayal of the fanbase.
    • Specifically, though, the problem was that nobody actually knew that the guest in question was talking about a specific person rather than "I hate rants" (and was actually having a conversation and wasn't aware the camera was running at the time- ie. they were talking about Rants and other fans offscreen; Kyle found out later while editing and decided to add it to the video). Rants himself found the video hilarious...then Kyle dropped into the forum and mocked him for not getting that they were actually talking about him. Many people found it mean spirited, especially when it turned out Rants was a teenager(and was new to the Admin job, which was seemingly what they were complaining about- that he wasn't doing a good job); Kyle ended up apologising to Rants (who accepted and said everybody should move on) and later Ven came in and admitted that this sort of thing was the result of a bunch of student / postgrad age reviewers drinking together and making stupid mistakes in consequence.
  • Likes Older Women: From his love of Emma Thompson, to his outraged disbelief that a teenaged boy in Ken Park managed to seduce an attractive older woman, to his insistence that Sasha Gray looks like a 14-year-old, he gives off quite a vibe of this.
  • Memetic Mutation: Escargoancitizen. Part of a weird minific series on Tumblr, Kyle is a snail, and other people on the site are other woodland animals (or plants, or inanimate objects). Eventually he and his title card artist Ven filmed a live action version of the Origin Story of Escargoancitizen; a pastiche of Uzumaki. Escargoancitizen fanart is also popular on Tumblr.
  • Moe: The drawn title cards has his character as rather "moe"-like, particularly in the Sebastine review.
  • Never Live It Down: It's likely some will not forgive him for the "I really fucking hate Rants" comment in the Sh*t TGWTG Fans Say video.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Many of the films Oancitizen has reviewed are immensely disturbing, even if he doesn't show most of the more graphic scenes. The fact that Kyle provides more insight and far fewer jokes in his reviews compared to other TGWTG contributors doesn't help.
  • Special Effect Failure: The lip-syncing during the musical portions of his Beauty and the Beast reviews are done excellently. During the talking interludes? Not so much.
  • Squick: A vast majority of the films he's reviewed tend to be full of this. And he endures all of it... up to a point.
  • Too Soon: Several viewers thought it was inappropriate when he ended the A Serbian Film review with a joke about calling NATO and asking them to bomb Serbia again.
  • Unfortunate Implications: The Girlfriend Experience was (albeit accidentally) incredibly misogynistic, which Kyle himself admitted.
    • His brief rant about people dressing up in the Mr. Lonely video can come off this way. Criticizing someone for dressing up as someone with a different nationality sounded very much like "you shouldn't dress up as x, you're a different race." Especially when he brings up cosplay immediately afterward, calling it "silly."
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Ven. note 
  • The Woobie: Considering he subjects himself to so many horrible things, Oancitizen is often the first to cry. Alice makes him break down in tears of terror, and The Fall causes him to cry inky mascara tears, even though he wasn't actually wearing any makeup at the time. Not to mention he suffers through so many disturbing films. You just want to give him a hug.
    • You want to give Kyle a hug during the Melancholia review, in which he pretty much bares his soul to the audience about his acting aspirations, how leaving theater made him feel alone, how insecure he is about whether his job as an internet critic means anything, and how at 25 he still hasn't "accomplished" anything. Far from the humorous, overacted disturbances he feels at the hands of the movies he picks, he feels really damn upset here, and that makes it very satisfying when he comes out the other end okay with himself and what he does.

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