YMMV: Belisarius Series

  • Acceptable Professional Targets: If a pimp gets more than a passing mention, expect word of his brutalization to follow shortly.
  • Book Ends: Far from the beginning of the series (and not right at the end), but you could say that active Roman involvement in the war begins and ends with Belisaurius speaking one word — "Valentinian" — and Valentinian without hesitation cutting a nine-year-old girl's head off.
  • Lawful Good: Dadaji with an slight overabundance of lawfulness. Not only does Shakuntala have to convince him to be her counselor despite not being a Brahmin, she has to convince him that he wouldn't be betraying Belisarius. After all, that could be interpreted as being a fugitive slave which is against the law.
  • Love to Hate: Venandakatra the Vile. His evil is so hammy that it is fun just to hate him.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Narses.
  • Never Live It Down: Played with. Antonina is never allowed to forget her old occupation. However being a friend of Theodora and a wife of Belisarius not to mention being a war hero kind of makes up for that.
  • Nightmare Fuel: What the Malwa do to their enemy is not a pretty sight.
    • Special mention goes to the fate of Ranapur. It has 200,000 residents until the Malwa break into the city. Five days later, there are fifty survivors, and all of those are in the harems of Malwa officers.
  • Squick: Venandakatra has some...odd tastes.
  • Stoic Woobie: Subverted. That is how Belisarius is remembered in legend in the Real Life time line and what he would be in the "link wins" time line. The timeline where the plot takes place has a happier ending.
  • The Woobie: Justinian is this or a Jerkass Woobie.