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Funny: Belisarius Series
  • When Phoetius said,"It's not fair. I didn't ask to be made emperor of Rome."
  • After the notorious Fake-Out Make-Out in the first book; Prince Eon jumped off Princess Shakuntala, helped her to her feet, and apologized profusely about the necessity of the indignity and so forth. Shakuntala for her part accepted the apologies and reassured Eon that she held nothing against him in terms of his gentlemanliness and so forth... but then felt obliged to add:
    "Yet I fear, prince, that one of your provinces is in revolt."
    • Ousanas didn't help readers with catching their breath, either, with his grinning follow-up to Shakuntala's comment.
      "Indeed so! Most insolent uprising! Prince do well to beat rebel down!" Then, with a flourish: "Here! Use my spear!"
  • Antonina's response on having her specially-ordered bronze cuirass delivered to her.
    Antonina: (deadpan) My tits are not that big.
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