Western Animation: The Last Days of Coney Island

"Its a series of films I've always wanted to do—films about us, who were are, what we are, even if it hurts. Its a series of shorts, that tries to push the boundaries of 2D animation. Last Days is about us."
Ralph Bakshi, in the video promoting the films kickstarter campaign.

The Last Days Of Coney Island is an upcoming series of animated shortsnote  directed by animation legend Ralph Bakshi.

After doing the cult classic animated series Spicy City, veteran animator and director Ralph Bakshi left the animation field. Since then, he has been considered as an inspiration to animators and his colleagues. Out of the blue he had a massive impact from people when his films (such as Fritz the Cat, The Lord of the Rings, and Wizards) got reintroduced for people to see. It then led Ralph to come out of retirement to create another animated feature; The Last Days Of Coney Island.

After being rejected by various animation studios (such as DreamWorks Animation and Pixar) Ralph decided to do the film independently. In 2008, he stated that “something was wrong with the whole fucking thing” and put the project on hold, where it remained in Development Hell for a while. In 2013, Ralph recently started a Kickstarter campaign to obtain funding for the film. As of March 2, 2013, it has reached its goal, and Ralph is now gathering talent to begin work on the film, and it is due to be finished around mid to late 2014.


  • Animated Anthology: Intended to be produced as a series of shorts that, when completed, will eventually be compiled into a full length feature.
  • Dirty Cop: The character Max falls into this. According to Ralph’s description on the character.
  • New York City: Where the film takes place, in the Coney Island district.
  • Shown Their Work: Ralph Bakshi has released videos through vimeo. Having different artists explain as well as showing the methods of the production behind the film.