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Western Animation: The Drinky Crow Show

The Drinky Crow Show is about...a crow that likes to drink. And Uncle Gabby, his monkey-ish friend who likes to bed as many women as he can. The two go off on adventures on a ship with a captain and his daughter, with whom the monkey-ish thing likes to sleep. All the while they're looking for Drinky Crow's love of his life, a mermaid, and fighting French crocodiles. Occasionally, they get tied up in various schemes in an effort to either drink alcohol, bed women, or simply shirk from their French-killing military obligations (or any form of responsibility, really).

Based on the comic strip Maakies by Tony Millionare, this series debuted "unofficially" on April Fools' Day 2008 on [adult swim], and later "officially" the following fall. It became popular with fans for its far-out humor, but was cancelled after only one season due to the high animation costs. Though at the least it was given a Grand Finale.

Some tropes used in this series are:

Drawn TogetherTurnOfTheMillennium/Western AnimationDuck Dodgers
HomeThe Millennium Age of AnimationDuck Dodgers
The Brak ShowPrime Time CartoonFrisky Dingo
The Brak ShowCreator/[adult swim]Frisky Dingo
The DreamstoneWestern AnimationDuck Dodgers
Monsters vs. AliensAll-CGI CartoonErky Perky

alternative title(s): Drinky Crow; The Drinky Crow Show
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