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Webcomic: Umlaut House
Saundra: "Do you ever worry that we're playing God?"
Dr Pegasus: "Not really. At some point, we definitely stopped playing."
Umlaut House 2, 8-8-2006

The original Umlaut House was a Furry Comic that started out with grad student Saundra Bifrost's bickersome friend Volair Lee moving in to replace her roommate, their mutual ex-boyfriend Jake Miller, when he begins working for, and before long, seeing quasi-Flamboyant Gay Mad Scientist Rick Hundecoph, whom Volair is tracking in his job as an international spy.

The comic could be said to mix a number of genres. Other characters are:
  • Liz Parker, Volair's partner and general voice of reason. Also the straightest cast member. Really. She swears.
  • Amanda Cartwright - "Queen of weird," Volair's Distaff Counterpart plus some grade points and dignity and minus some international espionage.
  • Calvin Gauss - A nerdy classmate of Saundra's who develops a crush on her.
  • Ascii - You don't want to know. He's an amnesiac android created by Rick, by UH2 he's gone rogue and is attempting to create a Hive Mind using Eye-Fi's

In 2004, the comic ended after four years, and after some randomness, gave birth to a sequel, UH2, set some time later and moved from grad school to high school, primarily about Volair's son, Jake's daughter, and Rick's protégée. Yes, that's vague, but this is a sequel comic, so for the more detailed character list (aside from, of course, the ones above), spoilers.

  • Pierce Lee, son of Volair and Saundra. Recently realized his bisexuality.
  • Rhonda Hundecoph, daughter of Jake and Rick.
  • Eliza, Rick's apprentice.
  • Alice and Lain Gauss, classmates of Pierce and Rhonda, twin daughters of Amanda and Calvin.
  • Alex, a football jock, Pierce's boyfriend.
  • Dr. "Sissy" Sisyphus, a Mad Scientist, target of Rick (well post-Heel-Face Turn) and Eliza...the latter in more ways than one.

This comic provides examples of:
Uber QuestFurry WebcomicsUrban Jungle

alternative title(s): Umlaut House
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