Webcomic: Goblin Hollow

Goblin Hollow is a Furry Comic by Ralph E. Hayes (also known for Tales of the Questor and Nip and Tuck). It stars Ben Bruin, his wife Lily (a mountain lion), her younger sister Penny, and a septet of goblins (Sheldon, Velvet, Slick, Zoot, Mort, Gunther and Pif) that Ben inherited along with the old mansion they all live in.

In a previous incarnation, the comic was called "Under The Lemon Tree" and the goblins weren't goblins, but aspects of Ben's subconscious brought to life (Ex. Sheldon was his intelligence, Velvet his sensitivity, Mort his pessimism, etc.)

Found here. "Under The Lemon Tree" can be found here.

Goblin Hollow contains examples of:

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