YMMV: Goblin Hollow

  • Awesome Moments: Penny confronting a modern-day money-changer in the temple, even if she doesn't quite manage to drive him out. See Values Dissonance, though.
  • Character Alignment: As explained by Ben
  • Marty Stu: Ben - though that's been toned down, post-reboot.
  • Values Dissonance: When the response to Penny's Crowning Moment of Awesome above was this, the fans revolted. Some went so far as to consider it a Kick the Dog moment for Lily. Hayes seemed genuinely surprised and even angered by this attitude. Apparently, the taboo against "making a scene" at a church event (the confrontation took place after actual services ended) or talking back to a preacher is so strong in his family and denomination that it never occurred to him that his readers might feel otherwise.
    • Similarly, we're supposed to find this a deeply-shocking sign that Penny is seriously out of control and on her way to real trouble. You'd think they'd been in flagrante delicto.
      • They were, on the other hand, practically climbing into each other's pants.
      • Which may be unacceptable, but it is normal. Readers from outside Ralph Hayes, Jr.'s subculture fall into this trope when asked to see it as a sign of being severely troubled.
    • This. For context, Ben has been putting large and apparently frivolous charges on a credit card that they'd agreed was only for emergencies.
    • And now it turns out that Penny is not only a virgin, but she considers any suggestion that she might not be to be both insulting and ridiculous. Unless she's a substance abuser of some kind and we just haven't seen it yet, then we're supposed to buy her as a "troubled teen" - enough so that she needed to be sent to live with her sister in order to get her away from her friends - based on black clothes and a surly attitude.