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Charlie "Spazzmaster" Callahan is a filmmaker on Reviewtopia, Geekvision, and Reviewers Unknown. He reviews everything from games to theme park rides & hosts the reviewer community Livestream on Fridays & Saturdays. He is known for an epic storyline on par with Atop the Fourth Wall & having multiple characters all played by the same person. He frequently appears on Some Jerk with a Camera and was also part of Project Million.

Spazz's shows include:
  • Insert Title Here and Spazz in General: Spazz reviews pretty much whatever he wants.
  • Call It What You Like: A non-review sketch show featuring various internet reviewers.
  • Monster Vlogs: Spazz and his wife Haley talk about Universal Monster Movies.
  • Cleaning Out the Closet: Bloopers and orphaned footage

Spazz's videos can be found on Geekvision.

Provides examples of: