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Website: Geekvision
We've had boring old normal-vision, television, intellovision, smell-o-vision, and now...Geekvision! You won't believe your eyes. The secret lies with ground-breaking technology from the space-men from MARS! Geekvision will help you defeat communism! For America!

Geekvision is a website home to all manner of Geek media. A group of reviewer friends got together and formed a place that could focus not only on reviews, but original content, as well as cultivate improvement in their producers.

The current roster of Geekvisionaries include:

This website provides examples of:

  • Affectionate Parody: As a special episode of Call It What You Like, many of Geekvision's contributors collaborated to create a parody of The Reviewaverse Saga called "The Reviewaderp Sega." The project featured a similar plot, except it had absolutely no budget or production value. The final cut of the special intentionally contains continuity errors and flubbed lines.
  • Face Of The Site: The site was created and is run by RL King, but Stephan appears in all of the ads.
  • Hollywood Nerd: Their glasses logo evokes this (not to be confused with the other site involving glasses), as well as 'Jimmy' from the ads.
  • Magitek: One of the ads claims the site to be made from "magical science".
  • Retraux: The ads for the site. Take one look at the page quote and you'll know what I mean.
  • Running Gag: BE A DUNSPARCE.

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