Characters / RBG Productions


The optimistic, Disney-loving main character of Insert Title Here


Spazz's roommate & the more cynical character

Conspiracy Guy

An ''odd'' being with a high squeaky voice & convoluted explanations for everything in the Reviewaverse


A walking love letter to The Big Lebowski who spends most his time high as a kite.

Lord Epic

The mysterious villain of season three with an agenda of his own.


Spazz's angry counterpart, introduced in the Universal Studios retrospective, and invoked by Universal's "godawful" stage musical adaptation of Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Mr. Jenkins

A creepy pedophilic older gent who debuted in a CRITIC TV sketch.


A stereotypical Southern/Midwestern American tourist who appears in his Top 25 videos. His name is not specified until video #5, Soarin'.